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Tuesday, 02 April 2019


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I was ready to toss my 2012 Mini in the trash, so as a last resort I replaced the HD with an SSD, and the result was amazing. I believe the old Mini is now faster than my 27" iMac. I purchased the SSD with the tools needed to do the swap from OWC for around $100. One of the best purchases I've ever made. If you want to breathe some new life into your old 2012 Mini, I'd highly recommend replacing the HD with an SSD.

Very nice, I'm pleased for you.
I always think it is a false economy to buy less computer than you need.
I don't mean everyone needs top of the line but one configured to easily support the work you do with a little room for growth.
In the 'sealed' systems I always recommend getting twice the memory you think you need.
Re the Dock, I swear by them and my second one is the OWC Travel dock--a tiny little thing, with 2 USB 3.1 Ports (A type connector so it eliminates 2 dongles), an SD Card reader (UHS II), HDMI 2.0, 4k resolution. You can use it bus powered or use a USB-C terminated power supply and it powers your computer and all the ports.
They have the 'Rose Gold' one on sale for $30 bucks
You might even be able to use a second display which is another productivity booster.
OWC uses good chip sets and you get USB 3.1, not all hubs & docks do.

Our grandson got glasses at age six. When he first put them on he exclaimed, "Everything's so clear!"

Mike's new computer is also "so clear". Clearly better.

I also have a new Mini 2018 and discovered a problem that is widely discussed “on the forums” but not acknowledged by Apple at all which is that the bluetooth connectivity for Apple wireless peripherals (keyboard, magic mouse and trackpad etc) is a disaster compared to eg a 2015 MacBook Pro. The range is about 18 inches after which the connections drop repeatedly to the point of being useless. Same peripehrals paired to MBPro will work across the room and never drop. Another issue is apparent sensitivity to mains and RF interference especially from the cables directly plugged in to the box itself. I have found it necessary to replace and upgrade almost every device/item/cable to USB-c to get reliable operation. Other than that Mrs Lincoln, its great.

[The only bluetooth devices I use are mouses. I just tested an original Magic Mouse (the kind that uses the 2 AA batteries) and a Magic Mouse 2, and both worked fine from the other side of my porch office, which is about 12 feet away from the computer.

Sounds like you might have other RFI problems in your environment. --Mike]

One problem with the 2018 Mac Mini for some photographers is that it does not have dedicated graphics and so the new LR Enhance Details feature, for example, is likely to run very slowly. The iMacs have dedicated graphics options and may be a better choice.

You said "book." So, how is that project going? No updates in quite a while.

[I'm chipping away. --Mike]

Bill Morgan's story is my own, although I spent more money ($350) to upgrade to a 1T SSD in my 2012(late) Mini. It was beginning to choke on Lightroom. Slow loading, slow processing, even with 16G of RAM. I was bracing for a total upgrade. I did the same kit from OWC, and watched a few Youtube videos on the installation. It went very well, and I'm back to a fast-loading, snappy Lightroom. And I love that SD port! The Mini is flanked by a dock from OWC, and an external dual hard drive enclosure (a "toaster"). I used to run RAID 1 on the two hard drives, but it became a hassle keep them from degrading. Now I just clone the A drive to the B drive at the end of a session.

It seems 5k displays never caught on outside of the Apple ecosystem. There is the LG one that Apple sells, which is good, but not a great industrial design. Other options seem to be of weird aspect ratios. So if one wants a mac with a nice 27 inch 5k display there are few options outside of the iMac.

There is also user unfriendliness to the LG display in that is needs to be connected to the Mac with a Thunderbolt cable that looks identical to a USB-c cable but can only be 0.8m long. Confusingly the new iPad Pro supports 5k over USB-c, but it wont work on the display that Apple sells in their store.

Mike, this is off-topic except that you have posted a lot about computers recently and maybe I should have emailed you, but I thought others may have the same experience.
For at least the past several weeks the comments in TOP have not been refreshing normally. If I refresh the page (or go to another post and back again) then some of the later posts are missing but reappear on later refreshes.
A current example is in the post “The Very Very Very Best Backup...” where sometimes Hugh Crawford's post at 01 April 0813 PM is the last post and at other times Isaac’s at 02 April 0810 PM is the last!
This is mostly on Safari on my iPad Pro iOS 12.3 (but happened on 12.2 too) but also I have checked on that post on Safari on my Mac Mini MacOS Mojave.
I know that sometime we get odd results if we log in when you are updating the blog but that does not seem to be the case here. Have you changed something about the commenting recently?

You need to have a computer you can lock up. With all the traveling to Hungary and all. 8^)

I am saving my pennies for one of the new iMacs.

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