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Sunday, 03 March 2019


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I had missed your earlier recommendation, but he has a new fan now.

I also don’t buy too many photo books these days, having started the addiction back in the 80’s with both fine first editions of the ‘greatest hits’ as well as lesser known and contemporary works (and vintage photos, too). I didn’t comment on your earlier post (although I’ve mentioned some of my book finds earlier), as I really didn’t know where to begin, or how to condense my thoughts.

But, inevitably, I still occasionally pick up books that catch my eye when browsing local book stores (don’t even ask how much time I spent at PhotoEye when I lived in Santa Fe). One such purchase was an inexpensive Phaidon book (55 photo series) by Gabriele Basillico. The cover sucked me in.

I also recently picked up a relatively inexpensive book by Harvey Wang, From Darkroom to Daylight, which includes some terrific commentary from photographers who have made the transition from film to digital.

Got my copy last week and love it!

THIS LAND, An American Portrait by photographer Jack Spencer is one to check out.

Images of the USA that are worth your time.

The photo of the alligator gives me the willies.

Ha. By coincidence, while recently reorganizing some bookshelves I revisited "Kodachrome Memory"...for an hour...or two. (It's almost inevitable that such a task will not get finished in a timely manner. I always get snagged by opening one of the books.) It's a terrific "just-lookin'" book. I expect that "Peculiar Paradise" is similar, although I am also on a bit of a self-imposed photo book budget. Mine is spacially-driven; I have no more space to allot to the darn things! So I cannot buy one without simultaneously de-accessioning one.

(Someone should start a photo book lending library.)

I attended Nathan's photo talk at the HistoryMiami museum. Nice guy and his images are wonderful. I have both books and love them.

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