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Thursday, 28 March 2019


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That has print sale written all over it.

I enjoy your BD posts for work, as I start to remember images I made that would fit the subject. The picture I was thinking about was made at the old Museum in Munich in 1966. The slide is in a box that hasn't seen the light of day since the 70's. It did get me thinking about cameras I used back then. I started in Europe with an old family Argus "Brick", but I couldn't get the hang of it, so bought a 35mm kodak that I used much of time there. That was until I got the urge to get an SLR. I then found one new that was labeled "Made In Russia", but turned out to be a Paktica made in the DDR. (I had to search on that name for the details). It was a much better camera than I thought would come out of Russia at the time.

That’s not an iPhone snap. That’s art.

IPhone shot of Zander in the museum. Lovely shot!

One submission per email, or is it one submission per person as well?

[I don't know. I guess do what you want, but don't be obnoxious about it.... --Mike]

Quick question - 800 pixels wide, or 800 long side?

[Wide. --Mike]

Great shot. Love it!

Nice "snap". I assume that you printed it?

[Alas, not. --Mike]

I kind of admire going with the outside view (through the window) overexposed like that. Keeps with the high-key style.

Hi, Mike, is that one per reader, or one per email? I have submitted one, but I found another I think you'd like---- promise not to inundate you with dross!

I think that the Corning Museum of Glass may be my favorite museum in the world.

I have a question regarding the rights issue. I have a number of photos made at the Corning Museum but they involve 'works' on display there. It is my understanding that I would need to have a release from the artist even though the image is only a detail of the work. Would that disqualify the image even though to photograph is mine?

[Let's chance it. --Mike]

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