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Thursday, 07 March 2019


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Look at it this way : TOP is your oyster, and you provide the irritant, resulting in the pearls of comments. Do both.

Mike wrote, "I wonder if from now on I should just publish comments?"

Or at least change the name to The Online Photographers.

I know that sometimes editing the comments is a slog but it adds a lot to TOP.

[I wonder if from now on I should just publish comments? You'll are so interesting maybe you don't need me! :-) (Moose's post started life as a long comment.) —Mike the Ed.]

You gotta be joking, right, smiley notwithstanding?

Everything needs a driver; driverless cars are not for me and I imagine not for many other people either unless they (the people) are incapacitated in some manner.

Anyway, as for the responses above, while well-presented and written, they are all, in the end, nothing more than subjective takes, which I can perform quite ably for myself. This site needs your input, in exactly the same way that Leicaphilia needs its own head honcho, Tim. It's why I read both of you: your views interest me, as do the conversations that arise - when they are not gear-centric things which I usually don't read with any great interest, not being a GAS addict.

Don't fix what ain't broke!

Props to Eric Perlberg. Every time I hear complaints and lamentations about Eggleston, followed by the inevitable longing for Ansel, I start to wondering anew when someone is finally gonna put their foot down about those wretched long haired Beatles...

May I compliment the members whose comments are featured above,these are truly first rate and a joy to read, we are really fortunate to have contributors of such quality on this site,this is due in no small measure to Mike whose tireless work in presenting and moderating has led to a first rate site.

Some comments here lament that there are many great, but TOP-ignored, photographers pushing the boundaries today. For the benefit of we non-cognoscenti, how about throwing out a few names and where they can be seen, either in museums or galleries or online? I've been generally pleased with Mikes's recommendations and confess that Lee Friedlander is my favorite photographer, despite the burden that he carries of having worked largely in the 20th century. But some of us old farts are also open to new things. Let us in on the secrets.

Seems to me that Szarkowski is on trial for having an opinion. Did he have one? Sure. As the leading curator at MoMA, that opinion carried a lot of weight. But as long as a human being occupies that position, that person is going to like some things and dislike others. Anyone is free to disagree; that’s what made this country great. (Again?)

"Oh! What Fun We Had
Gavin Watson

This intimate selection of photographs by Gavin Watson disrupts the notion of skinheads and council estate residents as problematic figures in an almost endearing manner while still preserving the subversive character of the cult of youth. Go to Oh! What Fun We Had"

The above is a from publicity e-mail to me from Damiani, the Italian publisher.

If ever there was a need, an incentive not to buy books, this must be it!

What kind of life requires this as part of its library?

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