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Wednesday, 06 March 2019


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I see Ctein occasionally, usually at SF cons, or at parties. I have no inside knowledge of this sales as nothing brought it up when I saw him last month, but I was almost certain that this would be a Ctein print offer, just by the ways you were talking about it. Good choice and good luck!

Looks great, I can't wait to see it in person. Glad to have another Ctein picture at a great price!

It's great to see that Ctein is still working in photography. His writing shooting and printing talent has been a real pleasure over the years. I hope we'll see a follow-up to Saturn Run, which I enjoyed.

It's nice to see friends get back together.

Good to see Ctein back! This might be really pushing it, but how about a little guest post too. I have always enjoyed his writing.

I'm glad to see Ctein back.

Great images! If I only could....

Two Questions:

First - The only payment option mentioned is PayPal. In the past I have bought from Ctein using a personal check, which I prefer because he gets 100% of the money instead of losing a portion for the PayPal service. Is payment by check no longer an option, or is its omission just an inadvertent oversight?

Second - Is there any chance that the "bonus print" might be obtainable as a fourth option for purchase? For multiple reasons, the maximum number of prints I am in a position to purchase is two, and the "bonus offer" print is close on the heels of the auroral print in its appeal to me.

- Tom -

Dear Tom,

1) I left off sending a personal check as an option because it didn't seem worth the bother for this modest a sale. If that's really the way you'd prefer to pay me I can accept a check; note that in your order email.

2) The meta-rule for TOP sales has always been, "Don't change the rules in the middle of the sale." I have recollections that we have made changes midstream when something has been massively screwed up; e.g., extending the closing date of the sale. But it requires exceptional circumstances.

I'm afraid this isn't one of those. The point of offering a really appealing photograph as a bonus print was to encourage people to buy all three (which several people have done).

The Prince Albert Memorial photograph is available for purchase at my normal price, but that's $425.

- pax \ Ctein
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There are several of the prints that I would have liked to have purchased, but three days isn't enough time for my 3-kid household, between work, dinner, bedtime, etc. I look forward to future print sales, but I'll probably never be able to take advantage of one if they're always gone before I even get a chance.

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