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Thursday, 14 March 2019


"Recombobulation"-:) I love this word. It describes exactly what I need right now. Best of luck and fun with the combobulating!

Here's hoping the combobulation is successful!


A new pseudo word for me, "recombobulation"!!!

Thanks Michael. (I'm not from Wisconsin....)

You should recombobulate more often. I'm guessing you need/want to. As a bonus I'm getting more done too using your time off to good advantage. It's a win-win :-)

Recombulation... Wonderful!

I had never heard of this before, but I love it and the story behind it.

I often used the word combudislation for those times when things are really, really, really mixed up. Now I will add recombulation to my vocabulary and be ready for all possibilities!!

I look forward to your hopefully imminent return. TOP is often one of the high points in my day.

Your Milwaukee heritage is showing.

I'd much rather read/scan the written word than take chances with viewing videos. This change in the internet is leaving me with less content, not more.

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