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Sunday, 03 February 2019


I really enjoy writing. The process of crafting a pithy, meaningful paragraph can be very satisfying, particularly when you find the perfect word to convey a subtle, nuanced idea very precisely. It's like building a house, using words instead of 2x4"'s. If that perfect word is a bit uncommon and sends readers to their dictionaries, some of them will feel a bit of delight at learning a new word that smartly captures a thought they may want to express in the future. Win/win all around.
One of Shakespeare's unique attributes was his colossal vocabulary. The average English speaker has a working vocabulary of perhaps 20,000 words. Shakespeare is credited with more like 60,000 to 80,000 based on his literary output, and he had no qualms about minting new compound words when they transmitted a thought better than existing ones.

Thanks Mike, I enjoy reading the work of someone who likes to use the English language beyond the basics. Never too late to expand one’s vocabulary. I usually have links to thesaurus.com and the Oxford English Dictionary close to hand.
Incidentally, for an Australian it’s a toss-up between Oxford and Merriam-Webster - both are relevant due to cultural history. Also, our national dictionary - the Macquarie (named after a prominent and controversial figure, in early European history of Australia, with a penchant for naming places after himself) - operates on a subscription model.

You have sent me running to a (online) dictionary more than any other writer I follow. And, When still in high school 50 and some odd years ago I always scored 99+ percentile on word recognition sections of the SAT.

Wonderful word, Logorrheic; thank you very much for using such language - love having to open a dictionary before moving on to the next word.

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