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Monday, 18 February 2019


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Re Canon, I thought the bigger news was a roadmap of 6 additional lenses This year . That’s a big commitment.
While I’m not interested in this particular camera I Was interested in the “ For the People” strategy. A 1300 price point for a full frame camera with dual pixel af etc seems like a screaming buy.
These are first impressions from the announcement, I know nothing beyond the press release.
But a good modern FF sensor of a moderate 24 mp should be capable of remarkable image quality - at nearly Canon Rebel pricing.
Unless there is something I’m missing, or they fail to execute,It seems to me this may have been very smart.
Time will tell.


@Michael Perini: according to Thom Hogan, the sensor in the Canon RP is the same as in their 6Dmkii, so it's not a new sensor. One of the ways they were able to keep the price low.

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