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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


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There are BTS videos of Lagerfeld at work on YouTube. Simple lighting and good composition. He seemed to know what he wanted, and didn’t waste time shooting alternative shots.

Apparently Lagerfeld's age is not well-known. Listening to an obit on the way to work today, it appears that a variety of birth dates have been quoted, none authoritatively. It does seem clear that he was in his 80s, at least.

Another notable passing: George Mendonsa, The Kissing Sailor in Eisenstadt's famous photograph, dies at 95 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/18/george-mendonsa-kissing-sailor-second-world-war-photograph

I read in an interview somewhere that Lagerfeld took up snaps because Helmut Newton got pissed off doing it for him one day, and suggested he do his own!

I can buy that he set up and clicked the button, but the rest? Would he want to? Would he have had time? It's the difference between shooting Kodachrome and running your own professional darkroom.


Karl Lagerfeld's accomplishments in all the fields he pursued will definitely leave a wide-ranging legacy. Fortunately we will be able to enjoy and appreciate his works long after his passing.

On another photographic related note, George Mendoza recently passed away at the age of 95. He is the sailor in the famous Eisenstadt photo taken on a New York City street. Kissing a pretty woman that he did not know in celebration of the end of World War II made quite a memorable moment.

Several articles are written about this iconic event. Interesting back story to the two subjects of the wonderful example of "street photography.

...you're such a hi-fi enthusiast, as well as a jazz listener, I'm surprised I didn't read an entry for the late, great Ken Nordine, who died in Chicago last week at 98 (!).

It is widely known that his commercial printing for Lagerfeld and Chanel provided much of the financial underpinning for the remarkable and important series of photobooks published by Gerhard Steidl from 1994 to the present day.

Anna Wintour's tribute to Karl Lagerfeld is short, sweet and heart-felt...we should all be so lucky to be remembered as poignantly by those we leave behind.

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