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Tuesday, 12 February 2019


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No problem at all. This is the best way IMO, act on how you feel. Much better than just doggedly keeping on. At the end of the day, I think it not only furthers one's quality of life, but also the quality of one's work. Take it easy, we'll stick around!

Have a good break, Yr. Humbleness. I hope you will come back refreshed and rejuvenated.
~ David

Yes, I had a feeling you were in need of a break. Have well-earned rest!

Certainly no need to apologize. Your faithful readers will always be here.

While I was working (now retired) a few days a year were called "mental health" days off. No not ill, but:
sometimes ya just need to get away from it.
cheers and beers,

One of those "days off" looks like it might be spent shoveling snow? :D

We've got about a foot coming tonight in Vermont.

If you take time off to write that book, I'll be in line to buy it!
Enjoy your break.

What a coincidence! I was just thinking I need to take a few days off from reading blogs and puttering around the internet....

See you on Friday!


Your quote about pursuing writing doggedly reminded me of Ernest K Gann, a favorite writer of mine. He would chain himself to his desk because he had such an aversion to writing. http://www.publicationconsultants.com/are-you-a-confident-writer-ernest-k-gann-chained-himself-to-his-desk/

Enjoy your break. Please be back in time to discuss the Canon RP release on Valentines Day. If the price rumors are true, the RP will completely change the FF mirrorless market. And, Canon is rumored to be releasing 5 to 8 new R Mount lenses on the 14fh too.

Why don't you just take two weeks off and be done with it. You obviously need a break. I'm sure your blogging system will allow you to run old articles on a timed release basis. One each day for two weeks. This taking a couple of days here and there just won't give you the mental rest you need. Doctor Eric has spoke.

That documentary on Gary Winogrand recently arrived on Amazon. That's a nice winter break for a couple hours. I really enjoyed it. Also the Marie Kondo series on Netflix is strangely life affirming. My wife and I binge-watched them, and now my dresser drawers are the most organized they have ever been.

The snow is piling up here in Duluth as I type, and I need to start up the blower, but I might just wait until morning.

The Johnson quote I think of is “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.“

Take care,


Ok, let's take it down a notch. You may need some help from Doc Johnson!

Doggone it, Mike, just grab the G9 and take a few pictures of Butters and them sycamores. Then spend a few happy hours processing them. Best way to relax I can think of.

What you described seems like a certain kind of "Writers' Block".

Going doggedly is like stepping on the accelerator in a traffic jam. Good idea to spend a bit of time away.

I hope it's just a sense of physical weariness; worse, in my experience, are times when the mind just says the hell with it, what's the point of doing this all the time? It usually comes, if at all, later in life, after retirement. With photographers, the chances are that we don't hang up the cameras at all, but feel ourselves driven to going through the motions even when there is nobody to satisfy, at which time we start on that familiar "I'm doing it for myself" kick. I may be extrapolating here from a huge base of 1, but it seems to me to be fairly common, and problems arise when we confront that situation.

Is disillusion less damaging than false illusion? Dunno...


Enjoy! I find that when work pressures start to build up, I need to take about a 1/2 hour of a night to mentally “defrag” my mind, so I can sleep without churning over the day.
When it really builds up, I need a few days to “tune out, turn off & defrag.” No devices, screens, social media etc. Maybe just some background music - audio only, no video. The continual 24/7/365 visual & mental stimulation is too much for the human mind.

Enjoy your time.

Your Amazon purchasing links are missing. What’s up?

When I was working for a newspaper, this was officially known as "undertime." "I think I'll take a little undertime," said to your pals, never to the boss. You know, "I'm going to run up to the Capitol, check around." Yeah. Check into a movie theater for the matinee was more like it, maybe a little light shopping at the Mall of America. Gotta keep up appearances, after all.

Hey Mike, This is out of place, but I just got back from another trip to Cuba and am trying to catch up on my favorite blogs...yours comes second after Thom's...but only because I found him first :-)).

I'd like to share with you a bit of wisdom that was imparted to me about health clubs. My doc told me to start going to the club regularly at a time that best suited me and to start chatting up the others (male or female) that were also regulars at that time. Pretty soon he said I would become part of the "gang" or find a particular individual or two with whom I hit it off. Thereafter, I would be better motivated to get to the club to socialize or to not let my compatriots down or to avoid their jibes if I missed a session or two. If there was nobody there during my first time-choice, then try another time slot.

He was correct and it works! New friends...regular exercise.


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