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Thursday, 17 January 2019


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Lots of stadium and punctum in that photograph.

Bruce don't lean on the car!

Double Excellence - You really need to give Born to Run a second chance. It is number 1 on my desert island list. Over 40+ years, I've probably played it over 2,000+ times (once a week). Springsteen says he tried to write music that he could continue to perform as he aged. At least for me it has held up remarkably well.

Same problem for me, my old teenage friend Martin .... and After the Gold Rush!

I remember arriving in Philadelphia (from Chicago) for my freshman year of college, in September 1975. Our resident advisor was covering some of the key places to know, which included the campus record store. “They even have the new Bruce Springsteen album!,” she exclaimed.

I thought to myself, “Wow, Bruce Springsteen... who the hell is he?” A product of the Jersey Shore, he was obviously better known in Philly than in Chicago. Less than two months later he was on the covers of both Time and Newsweek, the same week. No one was wondering who Springsteen was any more.

It sorta looks like a spontaneous snap, but given the amount of snow along the road edges, the road itself must surely have been quite slushy & dirty, yet the car looks immaculate. I wonder if it was carefully cleaned in preparation for the photo? It might even have been cautiously offloaded from a truck & positioned appropriately. Either way, a powerful story told.

Classic pic indeed. I am a big Bruce fan, and I think he has aged well, some of his recent work is really good. I also recommend his autobiography book, plenty of interesting pics in there too.

After reading Springsteens autobiography or watching the Netflix special of his award winning show on Broadway, inspired by the book, you may still not like his music but you’ll love the man (but given your music connoisseurship I think you’ll come to appreciate the why behind some of his iconic songs).

You probably already know this but Patti Smith is also a photographer, with a love for Polaroid.

His album

At least you all had to listen to songs from the radio. My high school all-night graduation party was at Disneyland. The rides were free. While on the Small World ride, the chain broke, but not the music. We were forced to listen to that song for over an hour. That's why I'll never go back, even if I could afford it.

I can relate as well. College next door neighbor was from Asbury Park, NJ. The Springsteen music would just not stop. Hated it. Then that summer a friend after much persuasion dragged me to a Springsteen concert at a small venue in Maine. I was completely blown away by his live performance and energy, just amazing. Became a fan.

I've never been able to reconcile the title of Darkness on the Edge of Town with the floral wallpaper in the background of the cover shot.

Great man, great car, nice picture. Thanks for this post.
PS: I love the photo for the Nebraska cover suggested by Sherman a few posts above.A strong image.

Ha. I have exactly the opposite reason for loving Born To Run. In 1976 I had never heard of Springsteen and I was in Europe on a 6 week bus tour. The bus had exactly 4 cassettes - Hot August Night, Don't Shoot Me I'm only the Piano Player, Songs of Leonard Cohen and one I've blissfully forgotten.

As a consequence I hate to this day Neil Diamond, Elton John and Leonard Cohen (although Cohen grew on me over the years).

When we got to Andorra and duty free shopping, I bought Born to Run because the cover looked interesting and wasn't by one of the aforementioned artists. The rest is history...

I was born when Springsteen had already become a big name, I've never lived in America and for me that photo embodies the same a bit too perfect aesthetic that's in Springsteen's music. We have Springsteen representing the everyman, casually leaning on a classic car with a wooden house in the background on a quiet street. It's picture perfect for a certain kind of image of America. In retrospect, one can think about how well the visual imagery fits together with the brand and image of the man. Certainly an excellent picture that carefully blends between documentary, environmental portrait and staged setup.

Have no traumas of his music, my favorite of his is the 1975-1985 live collection.

Oh well, if you can't have a Mustang, then I guess a Chevrolet will do...


I can’t look at that photo without thinking that the figure seems to have been photoshopped in*. I suppose his odd, apparently suspended, pose is because he’s perching uncomfortably on the edge of the headlight.

*Yes, I know it’s from 1978 ;-)

Lovely photo.

If you've not heard Reno by Springsteen, maybe give it a try:


[Warning: NSFW. Though of course you can be the judge of that...].

In an even more mind numbing situation I once had a neighbor who played only one song over and over all day every day only taking breaks for sleeping during the night. It was Elton John's "Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding". A great song yes......but.....over 11 minutes long and played essentially on an endless loop.

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