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Tuesday, 15 January 2019


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I don't own a car myself but I understand how important they are for country-dwellers. Best of luck rectifying the situation.

It's no fun to be behind in your work, but I hope you're also seeing the record backlog as, among other things, a symptom of success.

I could see it coming. The word “Bag” makes us all very opinionated Mike.

You could have known, of course, that asking for favorite portrait lenses would generate an avalanche of comments :-)

Oh Mike, I’m sorry regarding your news and fearful, because you didn’t openly explain the reason for losing car, that it is more serious than even you can contemplate at the moment. Living in a college town area that is otherwise semi-remote from civilization (SF Bay Area), being without a car is close to being a catastrophe. I experienced that for a month after my car was clobbered and didn’t enjoy it one bit! Best of luck is sadly all I can offer.

Also, almost all cameras have 4, 5 or 6 letter names. Can you see PANASONIC writ large on one of those small cams. Lumix fits better. Hasselblad gets away with many letters because you know one when you see one. It is difficult to recognize the black Japanese cameras without the bold letters on the front.

I’ve never seen that "Comments ([number])" in the footer of any post. Having checked in old posts it seems it only shows in the footers when one is on the ‘home page’, ie selecting ‘Main’ with multiple articles showing as you scroll down. As soon as you click on an article heading the "Comments ([number])" vanishes. Since I normally select articles from the left side bar that would account for never seeing it though I’m not sure how useful it is as it doesn’t indicate that there are any ‘new’ comments, only the total :-(

I didn't want to make it worse for you, but I'd already posted this before I realised what I was doing. ;-)

Somebody I know said that if a problem can be fixed with money, then it's not a big problem.

[Then it's not having money that becomes the big problem.

The way I put it is, "nothing wrong with my life that resources wouldn't cure." Not sure if that's true, but it would be nice to find out. --Mike]

Hopefully it is just a car problem and not a Mike problem, something that can be overcome.

Sorry to hear about your car trouble. Here’s a few words that Neil Young wrote about his fist car (Mort Hearseberg) that may cast some good juju on your situation.

“With your chrome heart shinin’ in the sun, long may you run.”

This album may not get stellar reviews but I think side one is really nice.

In the past twelve months the following machina gave up the ghost chez nous:

1) vacuum cleaner
2) dishwasher
3) washing machine and dryer (?!)
4) water heater
5) well pump and pressure tank
6) 2004 Subaru Outback

All were purchased at different times, all simply decided in a series of months that the Second Law of Thermodynamics was not just a stern suggestion, but an actual imperative of the universe. Damn your eyes, Isaac Newton!

My sympathies, Michael.

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