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Monday, 07 January 2019


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Only two categories so far:
1. With my wife
2.Without my wife

I got my list done Saturday evening. I've been using Lightroom at home for years, and have a pretty organized archive going back to 2000 or so. This made viewing the photos fairly straightforward.

What made this difficult was the limited scope of my personal work. Seriously. I have lots of photos of our travels and our long backpacking trips, the usual family portraits, and a couple of long-running personal projects. But most of my creative energy goes into making photos at work. When I'm not working, I tend to make very perfunctory images. But I gave it some serious consideration, and decided that I could include a fair amount of my work photos because they really do "gratify my soul" to quote Mike's original post.

One interesting aspect of this was seeing just how many photos I have that use a particular technique, or "see" light in a certain way. I'm having a hard time deciding if this is "my personal style" or just laziness.

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Even better, To whom . . .

Only you know where you're going with this, but my categories immediately revealed that compounding blurry elemental categories usually produces my most focused (and favorite) images. I shoot a lot of architecture, repeating elements, unusual perspectives, juxtaposed ancient/modern, b&w, high contrast, for example. My best architectural images comprise three or more of those simultaneously. Interested to see if that figures into your three-part strategy. Really enjoying this exercise, by the way!

Okay despite my inability to get the required 25 (I really don't want to talk about it), I expect to come up to the full amount shortly...

For anyone who regularly uses keywords in Lightroom, expanding the Keyword List is a good way to jump start the process - you've already been doing the thinking/categorizing as you've gone along. It even gives you a count of how many images you've tagged with each keyword.

I wonder if, in this game, the same photographs can be in two or more categories at the same time. For instance, using the very nice James' example you featured, it's easy to see that photos 1 & 2 in 'Landscapes' and 2&3 in 'Rain/Mist/Fog' could also form a category called something like 'roads going undetermined somewhere'. In fact, this is what we so when we assign keywords to our images...

[We'll get to that. Under the heading of "synthesis." --Mike]

The added keywords to my digital images over the years is a great help to produce the list. I exported the keyword list to a .txt file and only had to condense the list to 25 items.

Your 25-List game arrived at a good point for me. I'm in a shooting hiatus as I contemplate, take stock, introspect and generally think about what I've been doing and where I might go next.

I bet that playing along could yield some valuable input so I have a tentative list of 27 which I will revise some more today before part 2 shows up. Thanks, Mike!

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