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Thursday, 06 December 2018


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Whoa, for a second there I thought you had moved to Canada, what with the next appointment being in 2020!

On the positive side, think of the weight loss you will have. Don't ask how I know.

Don't worry about us Mike, just get well. Had something similar a few months ago, which persisted for two weeks. Upside, I lost 8 lbs. Downside, I put it back on in a month.

Mike, sorry to hear about your condition. Can consider a supplement Propolis capsule. Propolis is a natural anti virus and anti bacterial substance which the bees used to protect their hive, honey and cocoon. It has very little or no side effect unless you are allergic to bee products.

Like the doctor said you have to wait through your flu, but what stops you to take a few supplement to help save the doctor.

Hang in there and for everyone's sake, don't leave the house unless it's in a porta-potty.

I hope you feel better soon, Mike.

Its like you have a case of norovirus. Acc. to CDC: "Most norovirus outbreaks in the United States happen from November to April."

You might try getting some Sambucol (black elderberry extract) at your local pharmacy. It has peer-reviewed and scientifically documented antiviral properties. it was developed by an Israeli medical virologist. While its mostly effective for respiratory viruses, it works by shearing off the spiky protein projections on the capsids of viruses, preventing them from infecting other cells. I used for five years keeping my cat Eddie alive with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). i've come across reports on the use of Sambucol for norovirus: "Within two days, 75% of the elderberry group were much improved; within 3 days 90% were completely cured."


That's right up there with the doctor that told me "If it hurts when you do that, then don't do that"...

Get well soon Mike.

You have my sympathy. I had a bad bout of that about a year ago. Basically, I couldn't (didn't even want to) eat anything solid for a week. I lost 10 pounds in 7 days. I sincerely hope you kick it faster than I did. I agree that it is a PITA (both figuratively and after a while literally).

Get better Mike. I getting over a lousy cold. 2 nights ago I got into a coughing fit like no other. I could only cough out and not breath back in. It felt like I might suffocate. My health challenged wife had to get me to the ER. They said it was a bronchitis related event. For a moment I thought I was going down for the count. Real real scary.

PS luv the if it gets better line from your doc LOL.

I strongly recommend garlic pills as a way to eradicate that. They have saved me in travelling several times.

Mike, are you sure it's viral? There are several other bugs that can give the same symptoms...just sayin'

Don't worry about the blog, just take care of yourself ( & the doggies ). We're not going anywhere. Get well soon ( or as long as it takes ).

I've been quite cold also lately, running anti-fevers of 1-2° below 'normal'. My only true respite is a hot tub, so find a friendly locale and soak up the heat - if your digestive tract will allow such relaxation, of course. Hang in there.

If it continues to persist you may actually want to be seen by your doctor. The symptoms you have certainly could be due to a virus, but, they also could be due to food poisoning which is due to bacteria and requires active treatment.

But then again, you know what they say about free advice..."You get what you pay for"

I hope you feel better soon.

A full and speedy recovery to you Mike.

Hope you feel better soon Mike.

My commiserations. I'm still cursing the a**hole in 4D who passed along whatever it was that kept him under a blanket, coughing, for the entire 6-hour flight on Sunday night. (We flew over the Finger Lakes area after taking off from JFK, so I was tempted to blame you for it, Mike - but that would be cheap.) Spent the week in bed, so far.

Darn, I'm in Brooklyn for a week and was thinking of roping you into some sort of interesting adventure but it sounds like you are in no shape for that.
On the bright side, I had something like what you describe and I lost 20 pounds in about six days. Kept it off for about a year then it reappeared. Told my doctor that it seemed like an excellent way to lose weight. He said that I was very wrong.

Mike. You have my utmost sympathies. Been there. Done that. Not fun. Just endure. We will be here when you are ready.

Dear Mike,
Get well soon (at worst, within three days if I understand you correctly), and please don't apologise. By the way, do you have people nearby who can help you when you're really ill? 'No man is an island,' but it sometimes seems a lot of people in rural U.S.A. are at least peninsulated (as are numberless people especially in big cities everywhere, come to think of it).
Take care and take your time,


That sounds no fun at all. Hope you get better very soon.

"My doctor's next open appointment is in April of 2020"

No one in the UK is laughing.

Get well soon, Mike.

Get well soon, Mike. Keep warm, call someone if you start to feel vague or dizzy and above all keep your fluid intake up!

No apologies necessary Mike. Hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself.

Went through this 2 weeks ago (had just returned from Nepal). 5 days of misery in addition to jet lag. Fortunately I was home in my own bed.

Ginger Ale is your best friend, I prefer Schweppes. Hydrates and calms your stomach.

Don't push it, we can wait.

The best cure for stomach crud is a jalapeno pizza. Works every time!

Sounds like a bunch of crap. I mean the doctors' advice, or lack thereof.

I hope you shed the bug(s) soon. Never fun to be sick, especially in this manner. Trotting is best left to horses.


Well, if you were in the islands, I would mix up a couple leaves of this and a couple leaves of that, add some 100 proof rum and you would be back on your feet, with a smile on your face in a ...couple of weeks!! Ha!

Get better soon, Mike...

On a trip to Ecuador, I got this. Ruined a nice part of the trip I won't be able to do again. Couldn't even look at food for weeks. Used the episode to drop a ton of weight over the next several months. So, a bit of a silver ling for me.

Mike - Hope you Get Well Soon - from a long-time follower and "fan" ...

Get Better Soon and allow your self to be sick.
Thank You for all your work, always enjoy reading your Blog.

We will be here when you get back, Mike. In the meantime, rest, look thru a few of those photo books you've been meaning to pull out, watch some billiards, drink water, sleep when you feel like it. Take care.


Perhaps a move to a more temperate climate might be in order. Warmer, sunnier- encouraging outdoor activities all year long. Hibernating all winter as so many do in the northern climes can't be healthy.
My .02 cents.

Don't worry about the radio silence. Just take care of yourself and get better!

Take your time. Get better. See you then.

Usually, "stomach flu" is a hereditary disease - you get it from your kids. During our oldest son's first year in the nursery, my wife and I had it three or four times. Feels like dying from the bubonic plague. Thankfully, the immune system grows with the challenge.

Get well soon!

Anyone else here thinking "romaine lettuce?"

I would have found a new doctor immediately, although the substance of what he said was probably true. The days of treating patients like specimens are over. Feel better.

[He was being very logical. He meant that the trend, when it emerged, would predict the outcome; he didn't have enough information at the time to predict an outcome. But he was right. I started to get better, and then I got better. Sure glad I didn't start to get worse! --Mike]

Get well Mike, but make it fast - for your sake, I'm fine! But your Indian Doctor story did remind me of a 53 year's ago incident when my dad was in a coma from his 8th significant bout with not insignificant pneumonia. The doctor gathered us together and said rather matter of factly, "well, he is either going to live or die". My older brother let out a smirky grunt, and the doc shot back, "he could become a vegetable too, you know!" None of us preferred the idea of that "in-between" state.

Mike, hope you get well soon. Take as long as you need - you're the boss (or is that Butters? :) )!

Sounds like a case situation where I’m guessing that the best we can wish is “Get well soonish”.

While you laid up watch Lewis Black's comedy routine on catching a cold through the phone from a friend. Very funny anything he does should make you laugh.


Look on the positive side, you’re probably loosing a bit of weight.

My advice, do not watch Counterpoint. While the show is great, the cause of the stress in it is a flu pandemic. Perhaps a little close to home - maybe.

Drink a lot of tea, hydration is very important with the flu.

Get well soon, and feel good.
All the best -


Sorry to hear of your plight. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Take care and all the best,

On the plus side, you didn't close the post with: "Gotta run!"

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