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Friday, 21 December 2018


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I noticed several years ago that the days stop getting shorter a little before the solstice and the daylight time remains constant for several days but the sunrise/sunset times shift ahead slightly (a few minutes) before the days start growing longer again. I never bothered to check before but it appears that it is so. https://bobmoler.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/how-come-hours-of-daylight-changes-very-slowly-around-the-solstice-but-very-rapidly-around-the-equinoxes/

You forgot to mention your time strolling around the house with the new camera photographing crazy things like lamps, door knobs, chairs, etc. with your new camera and then cycling through all the photos you will never print but had to make! Oh wait, am I alone in that sort of behavior?

[See the later "G9 IS" post. You are not alone. --Mike]

That would be Halsey's restaurant, right?

As you know, fighting entropy is like trying to beat the house — in the end, entropy always wins.

Sisyphus and the dead leaves! An homeric battle...and you can made a very nice compost for your kitchen garden: practical ecology.

Only 79 more days till daylight savings time!

What is this Daylight Savings Time of which you speak?

Here in Arizona we remain on Mountain Standard Time year round for better or worse.

It's fine in the winter. But with sunrise shortly after 4 a.m. in June it's just...weird.

Case of the stuck Sunrise...
I'm guessing most photographers know this...

Just a few days after the solstice, Earth is at perihelion, its closest point to Sun. As Earth gets closer to Sun, Earth "moves" faster, and Earth is moving so fast at perihelion that the apparent position of SUN is stationary for a week or so... Perihelion is on January 2
21 7:48 am
22 7:48 am
23 7:49 am
24 7:49 am
25 7:49 am
26 7:50 am
27 7:50 am
28 7:50 am
29 7:50 am
30 7:51 am
31 7:51 am
1 7:51 am
2 7:51 am
3 7:51 am
4 7:51 am
5 7:51 am
Check out the data from

Zoom, Zoom!

My fav entropy quote: The greatest of tasks, the momentary holding back of entropy.

But while I found the quote in my gnotes, I've lost the author!! Sorry about that part.

Ray H.

Good call goes to James Weekes for commenting on this very thing in the previous post. In regards to the lawnmower, I've found that a spray can of starting fluid works wonders on small 4 cycle engines, especially those that sit a while where there is no fuel immediately available to the carburetor. Simply remove the cover from the air cleaner, spray a shot into the carburetor, pull the cord. You may need to continue "feeding" the carburetor for a second or two until fresh fuel is pumped in and the engine runs on it's own. Replace the air cleaner and your ready to go. Beats the hell out of pulling on a cord repeatedly while cursing the existence of internal combustion engines.

Entropy can be reversed, but only with the expenditure of energy. It feels like a losing battle though.

"Only 79 more days till daylight savings time!"

It is "saving" not "savings" -- entropy at work here too.

Thanks for the great posts and happy solstice.

You cannot win the battle against Entropy. To do so would violate the Law.

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