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Monday, 31 December 2018


Looks like somebody at Amazon reads TOP

Must have been an error. The price on your link is now $1,649.

That price doesn't show up for me this morning here in Oregon.... still at $1.6k.

Wow, that price is lower than the prices of used X-H1 bodies on certain sites.

Hope those sellers take note and drop their price into my range.

Happy New Year

Must have been a mistake because it has been corrected already.

I know two people who have purchased the H-1; one sold it on (for the XT-3) the other is thinking of doing the same. It's a mystery to me (and my friends) why Fuji trumped the H1 so quickly with the XT-3.

Now if they replace the sensor in the H-1 with a Bayer-pattern CFA....

Wex (the UK Adorama/B&H Photo equivalent) has it at £999 after cashback.

Amazon UK has it at £961 after cashback.

I bought my X-H1 on Black Friday from a bonafide UK dealer on a double cashback deal. I put the claim in just before Xmas and, assuming Fuji honours it, the net cost will be just over £900. At present, the same dealer has a cashback offer at £969 or £1,169 with the battery grip. These prices are less than dealers are asking for used models. Maybe Fuji has excess inventory? Whatever the reason, I am very pleased with my purchase.


I got my current camera by what I think was an online pricing mistake.

I think they missed a digit from the price. I ended up paying about half what I had expected to pay, but that particular store is usually 30-40%more expensive than elsewhere, so I probably paid about a third of what they would have wanted to charge.

Might be worth mentioning that on a couple of occasions when I've ordered items from Amazon only to have the order cancelled because of lack of stock then seen the item almost immediately relisted at a higher price I've contacted Amazon and found them quite willing to give me the original price.

Amazon and others now have X-H1 with grip and extra batteries for $1299. Seems like a good deal!

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