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Wednesday, 05 December 2018


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Great story!

Thanks Peter (and Mike).

The PBS series American Experience reran an old episode (2008) on George H.W. Bush last night. The bits about his relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev were very interesting. The episode is at the top of the American Experience page.

That's a cool one!
GHWB: a decent man. They rarely make them any more.

Maguire-Williams. No need to post

Check out Kirk Tuck's story as well: https://visualsciencelab.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-two-times-i-met-and-worked-with.html

I've been seeing these remembrances all over the place. Kirk Tuck has a good one on his site too. All of them remember his graciousness, humanity, statesmanship and desire to serve his country.

How times have changed.

Brilliant and funny! Thank you for sharing this, Peter.

Hey Mike, I know your busy, with many projects and ‘plates in the air’, but whatever happened to the Fuji camera review?

What a wonderful story. And what an amazing privilege to have been in the presence of two great world leaders who had both courage and humility. Oh, how we need that right now.

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