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Friday, 14 December 2018


Perhaps you might like to change 'after" to "within" in your return policy. Two years is after three days, a very generous return window with 100% refund. :)

Now that’s a lovely picture. Print sale?

Although I'm probably not able to buy this (wrong side of an inconvenient ocean as you know), just looking at it makes the GAS feeders start eating my mind. After a ten minute struggle with reading spec sheets and reviews I managed to put my laptop away, go out in the rain and take a couple of pictures with my sacrificial X100 to convince myself, again, that I just do not need anything better until I can see something wrong with what it does (in B/W).

('Sacrificial': it lives in a polythene bag in my backpack and I have decided not to care if it gets wet or knackered as it's worth about 8p now.)

Well,boys,looks like Santa's bringing an X-H1.
Good luck with it, Mike!

What are you getting?!?

A few weeks ago you praised the new 20 Mpx sensor for its (undefined) special qualities not found in other sensors. And now you've sold it? Explain please.

[I'm getting a G9. Same sensor. --Mike]

Hope you find the cure quickly. I couldn't justify buying the camera, but wanted to say that's a smashing good photo used to head the post offering it. I thought at first glance it had been modified to resemble a painting using one of those apps like Prisma. Turns out its just an excellent exposure. Very nice.

Lemme guess. You're getting the X-H1, right?

Oh, dear. "Well, don't point!"


Really dig that picture.

[Thanks! It's a little odd calling it historical...the cabin is a recreation or replica and it's not entirely certain it was in that exact spot. But it is at least near where the original was. It's an historical site of the LDS Church and attracts a lot of pilgrims. There's a Temple near it. --Mike]

You should do a print sale of that picture. I mostly can't be doing with colour but that is a very lovely photograph.

Second that. That photo is lovely, light, shade and colour - lovely.

Please no Gas attack talk. My 3rd day recovering from food poisoning. Such fun.

That is a lovely photo for sure.

I have a GX7 that I officially hate for many a reason. I know that many reputable folks reviewed it (including here on ToP and loved it) so I am sure that I, and my GX7 with the horrid blurry, overly contrast viewfinder, are outliers.

However, it has become my most used camera 'cause in spite of the horrid, defective viewfinder, and its odd decisions on button functions (WTF is with that dedicated wifi button that never works when you need it and stops everything if you accidentally touch it) or the display setting that blocks your view entirely with the histogram and horizon level overlays that takes around 5 button pushes to get rid of?)

It is the most flexible of all my presently owned cameras---Oly EP3, Fuji X100, Fuji XE1, Nikon D300, and Nikon D70 and my film stuff. Plus, it does very basic video reasonably well (as long as you figure sound ain't important). The sensor is pretty good too. It don't seem that it has any less magic or lacks that special "something" that some scientists say the Fuji series has.

Had I been in the States right now, I would have taken the GX8 off your hands. Thought about it since I am heading home for the first time in many, many years for Christmas. But alas, I was too late. Something to do with grandma getting hit by reindeer, I suppose.

Yes, great picture. On the technical side, really appreciate the skill with which the indoor and outdoor light has been balanced--even if it's an HDR. Fine effort, Mike.

A G9! Congratulations and good photos.

About the "special" qualities of the 20 Mpix sensor I also noted this comment from Stephen Scharf's about the XH1:
"there is something about the image quality from the X-H1 that is...quite remarkable (there's more to image quality than just a sensor)."

Why don't you get together and write a post about these magic sensors?. I am intrigued.

I work with a fellow who owns one of the world's largest electric guitar collections. It started with Les Pauls and took off from there. The cool thing is that when one of the Guitar Gods comes through town they stop at his house to play!


For what little it's worth, the sensor in the G9 (Sony IMX272) is actually different than the sensor in the GX8 (Sony IMX269).

To my eye, the combination of sensor and processor in the G9 produces noticeably better results than the GX8 (a nice bit more highlight dynamic range, and finer, more pleasing grain).

In other words, if you like the GX8, you should be very pleased by the images you get out of the G9.


I see what you did in your photo response to Bandbox's GAS query. "Gere" Acquisition Syndrome? Clever.

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