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Tuesday, 06 November 2018


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Here's what's been under my signature line in Thunderbird (email):

"Refusing to vote isn't rebellion -
it's surrender!"

"Bad people are elected by good people
who don't vote."

Voting is the ultimate participatory event, yet we have recently been treated to suggestions and in some cases evidence that our franchise is subject to negation and/or invalidation. Not the best turn of events.

Did they "Photoshop" elections?

In the UK at least, spoiled ballot papers are counted. Spoiled means you haven't clearly marked an 'X' against one name only. This means that you can write (for example) "none of these idiots" and it will be noted that you cared enough to turn up and vote, but not one of the candidates came up to the mark for you.

On the other hand, if you didn't vote because the candidates (in your opinion) are all idiots, it will be assumed that you didn't care enough about politics to vote.

I have spoiled my ballot paper before now; I didn't vote for anyone, but I did make my views known. As Mike says, get out there, if ya haven't.

Use it or lose it!

Here in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the voting stations were more crowded than in previous mid-term elections. We have an unusual situation here: two US senatorial seats are open. One is to replace Thad Cochran's position (he retired), and the other is for Roger Wicker's position. We can be hopeful......

It's OT for everyone. Or it's on topic for the whole world depending on your point of view. We all love you Mike, poor moods and all.

No matter how frustrated I get with our political system, I always feel better knowing I voted.


Either your window or your sensor needs a good clean! ;-)

Coming from a place where voting is mandatory and happens on a Saturday I'm a little bemused by your processes....still if it works for your mob then that's how it is.

It is not a Democracy. Close, but no cigar.

I saw a good comment from Twitter today, saying that this election feels like America is waiting for the results of a biopsy.

What a beautiful place you've got there, Mike. With so much natural grandeur all around you (and with ol' Butters keeping you company), you're bound to snap out of your brown study in next to no time--and head out with the GX8.
Delhi has about the worst air quality of any capital city in the world; thank you for helping me cope with it via TOP.

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