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Saturday, 17 November 2018


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I used this about 6-8 years ago - can't remember.


I would leave a couple of iPads at places like my hairdresser and doctor for captive audiences to browse while waiting around for whatever. Was dead simple to set up and necessarily intuitive to use as obviously I wasn't present.

Haven't checked it recently but I see it's still on the go.

You can do this under Guided Access (under General/Accessibility) and protect it with a password. I have done this (not for portfolio) but if there is stuff on you iPad you don’t want others to access I would advise against using it. If the protection breaks down they have complete control of yor email etc etc which you won’t want to happen!
The solution is to buy a secondhand iPad (which are cheap) and use that for the portfolio,

Purchase a new iPad and use it strictly for client presentations. Keep the presentation software on a stick.
The iPad does not have an input from say a memory stick or similar. So figure a way to transfer from that stick or your main computer to the presentation iPad.
As a business, amortize the cost of the iPad over a number of years.

Incidentally one of the BIG reasons I am not a fan of iPads and similar; they are not computers. You could purchase an 11 inch Airbook and use it, and it would be a proper computer into which you could load your presentation program, and erase (remove) it later.

I’ve used the iPad for quick portfolio sharing with potential weddings clients, but just use galleries in the Photos app. I’ve been tempted by https://ipadportfolioapp.com, which seems to have the features you want, but have been too lazy to set it up for what is a hobby business. Hopefully your more astute readers will have more direct experience to share.

NB regarding your lock-down requirement I think this is built in to iOS, although I've never used it.


If nobody gets mad, then you're not doing it right! Seriously though, I don't understand this thin skin thing people have about their favourite camera brand. It's just a tool made by a corporation. Too many people let the tool become part of their identity. Please keep having opinions, even strong ones, and even at the risk of offending some people.

...and I am of no value with the primary subject of this posting!

I don't own an iPad, but I did find this...


Well, first thing is to find out what your clients problems are and what your role could be to solve them. The rest is secondary. Maybe you don't need an iPad at all.

Picture Frame mode (Settings > Passode > Picture Frame) lets you choose images, select transitions and set other options for slideshows. You can use your iPad as a digital photo frame even while locked. You need to turn the feature on first. Go to Settings> General> Passcode Lock> Picture Frame. Now your iPad’s Lock screen will show a small flower icon in the bottom right corner. You can tap it to start your slideshow without having to unlock your iPad.

Update.If your iPad is too new, the picture frame feature may be missing. If so, use the Guided Access feature in Accessibility.

You can use Guided Access mode or Single App mode to lock in a single app. Maybe the former is best for your needs as it allows you to switch back and forth between locked to one app and normal usage more quickly.

You can use “guided access” on the iPad, which locks the viewer into a single app. See https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612

I don't know why you would have irritated anyone yesterday, but today I'm a little pissed that you used "school" as a verb.

I can't speak for anyone else, but you didn't make me angry, so no worries on my end.

Actually, I thought we had a pretty good & spirited discussion, and its good to have spirited discussions from time to time. The level of engagment generated is a good leading indicator of the quality and involvement of the TOP readership. I'm on another "forum" and we'd be lucky to get 1/10th the number of comments, so, its all good in my book.

I, for one, am not at all happy with the new iPad model that has no headphone jack. Rather pissed about it actually, just as I am with their latest line of 'phones. Apple seems insistent on stripping away more and more functionality. Soon an iPad will be an aluminum-cased thing with a glass screen that does...virtually nothing. And we'll have Jony Ive saying coy things like, "We see the future as...featureless".

Anyhoo, with your request for an app that shows portfolios to clients, I have and use...Portfolio. I like it because it allows you to design specific galleries acc. to taste/need and it also allows you to display your photos at the full resolution of the iPad (e.g. 326 ppi for my iPad Mini 3 Retina), so they can be viewed at their best and to full effect.


The setting you want to make sure a user doesn't access all of the functions on your iPad outside of the app you want them to use is called "Guided Access."

It can be found in settings>general>accessibility>guided access (near the bottom on my phone). You launch your app, click the home button 3 times and you are locked to the app and it will require a password to get out of this.

That part is easy. I am curious what other photographers use as a portfolio app though.

I find myself in the same boat. Surprisingly, there seem to be few options, or at least that was the case when last I checked. What I use - and it’s far from ideal, and may not help you at all - is Squarespace’s portfolio feature. You can upload galleries from your website, and present them to clients as a portfolio, assuming you already have the images in a gallery in the order you need. It works for me, but I’d like something better, so I’m interested in what others have to say.

I use Foliobook. It has a simple, uncluttered interface, and the back end is locked until you unlock it. With regard to restricting access to the rest of the iPad, I’m not aware of any way to do that.

What you’re looking for is called “guided access”. It’s enabled in iOS settings and activated/deactivated with triple tap of the home button. What is does is selectively disable certain parts of the device while leaving others active. For example, I use it often when I give my devices to my kids and disable all hardware buttons, effectively locking them into the current (kid safe) ap, while leaving the touchscreen completely functional.

I just use LR Mobile and switch to the presentation view (certainly before letting them take over, so they don't change anything).
In the past I used a variety of portfolio apps, but getting pics into them was always a manual process of exporting from LR/PS, and then updating each portfolio was an equally laborious process.
With LR, I just drop the photos in a synced collection and a few moments later they are on the iPad always with the up-to-date adjustments.

“School as a verb”... Mike’s writing English, not American. ;)

Europeans have been schooling horses ever since we figured out how to sit on them and hit each other with swords.

I use Lightroom collections but I don’t leave my iPad with people. I leave printed portfolios, not my iPad.

Mike, don't worry about the Leica hair pulling. I agree with you, and I am a many-decade Leica film user (M2 and IIIC still in regular operation). And you are right about BMW's change from a serious driver's car to a, expensive and bloated prestige device. I still drive two real BMWs with manual transmission and great road feedback, and am saddened to see the route they have taken in the USA market. But if it is profitable, good for them. The same applies to Leica; good for them.

an iPad app from a very talented Chicago photographer-- https://appadvice.com/app/prezent/505435521

I can’t speak to the new iPad Pro, but I have the 9.7” model from the previous generation. I bought a cheap but pretty nice keyboard case for it plus the Apple Pencil and an app called ‘Photo’, which is a full blown photo editor. I haven’t really used the latter two items yet, but the idea was to have a highly portable editing platform.

This rig replaced my 6-year-old but still very nice MacBook Air 13”, which I sold on. 99% of the time I don’t miss it, and the touch screen of the iPad certainly makes up for the missing MBA features. I’m actually surprised that Apple has just refreshed the MacBook Air line. But bravo for them doing so.

I think it is fine for photographers to use an iPad for commercial accounts and photo editors, but for art photographers, when showing work to gallery owners, should show prints whenever possible. Prints, in a box or portfolio, are just so much better. That is my opinion.

In English there is really no difference between 'nouns' and 'verbs.' Those ideas have to do with Latin. So almost any 'noun' can be used as a 'verb.'
Of course I am an Applied Linguist, not a writer or a grammarian. GRIN

Mike, I think your error was in spelling, not in usage. In American urban English, “school” is a noun, whereas “skool” is a verb.

iOS has this feature for a while.

How to Setup Kiosk Mode & Lock Your iPad to Just One App


I recall an exhibition years ago, of computer generated drawings [let's say, 'achieved' or 'masterminded'] by the artist Harold Cohen. He'd developed a computer program that deployed some basic graphical concepts such as closed loops, scribbles etc, then output went onto large sheets of paper. The initial demonstrations used a clever "turtle" doodad which drove itself around the paper on rubber tracks (navigating by dead reckoning), leaving a pen drawn trail as it did so.

Viewers were so charmed by the theatre of this drawing 'creature', that they paid little attention to the provocative matter of where the content of these drawings had come from.

A blandly mechanical output technology had to be therefore resorted to: a standard X-Y pen plotter arrangement, with a carriage running back and forth along a sliding bar.

Only then could the underlying point of the work itself, start to take centre stage.

Guided Access on the iPad is what you are looking for. It's found under Settings->General->Accessibility. This allows you to triple click the top botton on the iPad at any time and restrict users from leaving an app or doing other things with the iPad. Great for kids, but also clients. As for how you want to present the portfolio, that's another matter.

Buy a surface.
Wonderful screen, and you don´t need any kind of software: the photo viewer is good enough, and will automatically defer to the maximum size of it.
Plus, you will have a full fledged laptop.

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