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Saturday, 24 November 2018


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I agree, not worth the effort to change when the results are pretty much the same.

Although...I know...nice to have new challenges, and learning new things definitely does that, and I enjoy that a lot. For me though...economics come into play, so I pretty much stick with what I have.

Of course if the current interface is causing frustration because it no longer gets the job done the way you would like the job done, then that's a different deal.

And sooner or later prices drop, and opportunities and options may come along....

...the really intuitive interface is the one that requires no intuition. Even flipping a light-switch isn't intuitive—until you've seen it done once. The reason that well-made instructional videos work is that people learn from monkey-see-monkey-do, not from reading gobbledygook.

Agreed. Back when I was doing IT support and the programmers kept changing the interface to "make it more intuitive" I frequently lamented that there is no interface as intuitive as the one you already know.

Possibly, but a friend who has been shooting Canon digital professionally pretty much since it's existed still complains about the user interface; they don't seem to find it intuitive at all.

Well said. I think my M6 and Summilux-M - with hardly any interface - qualifies.

Disagree: First time I held a Nikon F100, figured out everything in seconds. What a camera that was. Have been stuck with the Nikon-style UI ever since.

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