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Monday, 26 November 2018


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"Cuba, 2018" is a knockout! Great job on the set, and best of luck on the sale!

Stunning images, each really does capture the spirit of the print’s country. Unfortunately, the pricing is way beyond my budget. I was really looking forward to getting one, hoping they would be priced at about half of this sale’s listed price.

I have
Brasserie de l'Isle Saint-Louis, 1993
Paris 1991 as above
Paris 1982- the toy sailboat just shy of the pedestrian bridge and
Métro, Saint Germain-des-Pres, 1980,
and books,
McClellan Street, Turnley and Turnley and
French Kiss by Peter.

Love them all. I have a soft spot for the toy sailboat for its composition and masked humanity.
Not bragging just an unasked for editorial comment.

I really, really hope that the person photographed in the Italy print had given permission. I'm sure she had, but I couldn't own a print like that simply because other people would look at it and not know.

Another Havana street photo-

Lovely work, I predict another success.

How does he print on silver paper from digital files??

Unfortunately out of my budget. I have too much holiday financial needs. I spent some serious cash on photography this year that the Mrs would cringe if I bought a $350 print. Especially from someone she does not know. good luck!

This is a response to Mark Kinsman's comment. While I won't be buying one of these prints for reasons I think I've made clear in my other comment, I think it's important to be realistic about the price: these are not expensive prints.

I make prints, from film, usually on fibre-based paper and I've occasionally had cause to try to work out what they're worth. I spent some time on this and I worked out that, if I paid myself minimum wage then at £100 for a 12x16 print (more for mounted or framed), posted to someone in the UK (where I live) I would either be breaking even or losing a little money. Things get better if you are making a lot of prints, but not that much better: making fibre-based prints in the darkroom just takes a fair amount of time.

Well, Peter Turnley shouldn't be paying himself minimum wage, is presumably paying someone to make the prints who also, I hope, is not getting minimum wage, and TOP needs a cut, too. As I said: these are not expensive prints.

I am wishing that "someone" buys me all three of his excellent images, especially as my favorite image of his is the "free" one offered! Good luck on the sale..

Those Italian legs are lovely, as are the heels.

Less is often more, heels being an exception.


I’m genuinely puzzled by Tim Badshaw’s comment that “other people would look at” but not know whether a subject had given permission to be photographed. Isn’t that true of any photo unless permission is being challenged is the reason for discussing the photo?

[For the record, the woman was being photographed by another photographer at the time. Peter asked her if it would be all right if he made some photographs too, and she said yes. He later emailed this picture to her and she replied that she liked it and thought it was very nice. Hope this helps! —Mike]

It would be helpful to have some idea of the shipping cost, especially for international orders, without having to start the order process. International shipping is usually the killer for book sales, as it typically doubles the cost.

RE: Tim Bradshaw's comment-"... Well, Peter Turnley shouldn't be paying himself minimum wage, is presumably paying someone to make the prints who also, I hope, is not getting minimum wage, and TOP needs a cut, too. As I said: these are not expensive prints."

My Reply:
I completely agree that the price set for this sale for a signed silver gelatin print from Peter Turnley is VERY reasonable, I should have stated a bit more detail as to what I had hoped would be offered. I was hoping that a smaller print would be offered for about $175.00 as part of this sale.
For example, MAGNUM just had a print sale offering signed prints from several of the Magnum photographers. They were 6x6" prints - signed or stamped by the photographer's estate for $100.00 each. I made a purchase from those prints and will proudly mat, frame and hang the Harry Gruyaert photo.
So, the price on Peter's print is quite reasonable, just not in my budget. A smaller version - say 8x10 or 5x7 might be priced in a range more people could afford. To further offset Peters costs, perhaps they could be inkjet prints too, which, in volume, could offer a cost saving to produce. I sincerely do hope that the print sale is an overwhelming success. I own a few of Peter's books and hope to someday add a print to the collection.

Interestingly, I visited Peter's brother's site (David) after viewing the 60 Minutes clip above - and I am truly enamored with his work as well - - - and they [prints] are also on sale!

Are there any possibilities of doing any TOP sale prints of David's newer work [hoping he has not allowed the brotherly competitive spirit to fade] in the foreseeable future . . . ? [there is a pull-down on his site indicating a "referred by TOP" choice; hope you garner a ducat or two if I opt to pick up one of his prints during the season].

Mike, thanks for all your hard work and diligence over the years for doing what you do!

Taxation is always a horror tale tacked onto the tail of buying and selling outwith national arrangements.

Someone in New Zealand asked me to check whether a guy in Spain was conning him when he advised that an extra 40% was going to be charged on a used lens he was trying to sell to the Kiwi. I checked with a local lawyer here in Spain, and yes, that's the case...

Not to turn this into deeper political woes, but I wonder how many Brexiteers have thought that through in depth, and how it will affect everything we buy from the Union. The figures they bandy about are a mockery of the reality, affecting everything from food through clothing to medications.

And some think the advent of mirrorless a major problem!


I love Peter's work, and his brother's, as well. " Paris, 1991" is a particular favorite.

But I can't become a collector now, late in life, when divestment and downsizing are necessary. I was tempted to buy all three, simply to get a copy of "Paris."

I was trying to imagine myself explaining to my wife my potential purchase of "Italy, 2018." This came to mind:


Anyone else?

Gorgeous, "precious" work!

Fine blog, too. GLWTS

- Mike

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