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Monday, 19 November 2018


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I didn't remember him being quite that tall!


Just a thought but one thing that you may want to consider in timing future sales - a lot of salaried workers get paid on the last day of the month, and it’s easier to justify a something very discretionary like a print in the few days when bank accounts are full.

Who is printing them?

[The photographs were made with a Leica digital camera, and the prints are silver gelatin prints made from the digital file. --Mike]

Digital C-Prints are also called Lambda or LightJet prints. This process uses digital exposure systems to output the image, but traditional photographic paper and developing to produce the final silver gelatin print.

I can have B&W film developed, scanned (4492x6774) and digital prints made (Ilford B&W photo paper) at the Harman USA lab in San Clemente, CA. Harman's largest size is 10x15 inches. There are also several labs that can make huge museum quality Color or B&W Digital C-Prints.

Until I saw the picture I hadn't appreciated how Mr Turnley's height must be a distinct advantage in his profession.

Mike, of course I will do as you ask. As a patreon I enjoy your posts EVERY day, irrespective of the topic (in fact the OT posts are often the most enjoyable because they introduce me to other things). I hope you can continue to write and provide that enjoyment to your many readers long into the future. I am most happy to support you in whatever modest way I can.

Does Peter use the Monochrom?

When I try a monochrome conversion from a standard RAW file, I get kind of intimidated by the sheer choice of options. Granted, I haven't done much B&W photography and haven't developed much of an eye for what I like.

So I wonder if Peter has found that a monochrome camera gives him what he wants, or if he's using a standard sensor and converting to monochrome. (does this make sense?)

[I believe he's still using the M Monocrom seen in this post--


But Peter's really not concerned with equipment. He's far more concerned with pictures. It's difficult to get him to even talk about equipment. I don't think it matters to him. That's my take, anyway. --Mike]

***Warning - Off Topic***

I hope that you (and the photographer) do not mind a comment regarding the photo which heads this post.

It is an interesting photo which, I think, becomes much stronger with a bit of cropping. Specifically, cropping in order to eliminate multiple distractions on the edges of the frame.

Many different crops are possible. Here is one at a 4:5 ratio.


I've taken three workshops with Peter (two in Cuba, one in Paris). When I saw his photo in your post. it made me smile...he's just that kind of guy!


Mr. Turnley visits Oz. With a Nikon yet.

I've never purchased a print from TOP but I do look forward to see what is being offered. I'll most likely bite.

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