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Saturday, 24 November 2018


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Having grown up not far from where you live I can totally appreciate your comments about the weather. It was very frustrating for a budding young amateur astronomer. BTW, I love the moon shot. Crop it square and print it!

Sounds like typical Scottish weather - several seasons in a day, and some days (or weeks) when you barely see the Sun.

Yes, that moon shot is cool. I can vouch for Dave's comment. I once stood on a beach in the far north of Scotland and experienced sunshine, rain and hail in the space of around an hour. There was a nice rainbow but it was impossible to change lenses in the howling wind and driving rain.

That changeability is a wonderful thing... if you're in the right place and fast enough. (Despite many years around the Finger Lakes, I often wasn't.)
Remember Ansel Adams' legendary "Moonrise" story? He lost a second exposure of the same scene because the light had gone in the time it took to change his 8x10 film holder. (That's about 10 seconds btw.)
Tucson's steady sunshine has taken some getting used to, but at least I've learned that early and late are the times to photograph here, and the light doesn't change quickly.

As the song says: "the lunatics are in my head..."

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