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Thursday, 22 November 2018


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I believe I see some Pilgrim Mothers in there.

Happy Thanksgiving Mike.
I made my Turkey smile this morning - told him I was sending him someplace warm for the holiday.

Well, seeing that image was just what I needed on a Thanksgiving when my wife and I are missing the festivities because she is still recovering from surgery she had a few days back. A large copy of that engraving hung above the sofa (we called it a "couch") in my childhood home in Massachusetts. Not sure if we are descended from any of them Pilgrims, but I do know that some of my ancestors emigrated to Massachusetts in the 17th century. (We are an immigrant nation--end of sermon.) Thanks, Mike.

Back at ya, Mike. (And best wishes for your wife's speedy recovery, Bill!)

Hong Kong also celebrates "Black Friday" with great enthusiasm! So says my wife who landed there yesterday.

Looks like dropping in background from another image is nothing new. ::))) that darnm sure isn’t Plymouth MA or Cape Cod behind those folks

Black Friday (week, day, pre-BF too) is in full swing here in Canada too. Apparently retailers latch onto anything that will (hopefully) drive MORE SALES.

We lack the association with Thanksgiving as ours was back in October, pre-Halloween (more "sales") so it's more a prelude to Christmas shopping.

As we no longer (wife and I, not Canada as a whole) get TV through our cable connection, we've been spared that form of media advertising, but the local (small town) bi-weekly paper is many times the normal size with all the included
"sale-of-the-moment) flyers.

I suspect that "Black Friday Without Thanksgiving Thursday" has been exported by the US to many countries, not just the UK, as reported by Tim Farnham. It's a relatively recent phenomenon, but the Australian tech sector has adopted it with enthusiasm. I guess the retail sector anywhere will jump on anything to boost sales. Now pardon me while I go and check the Fuji prices, since it's Friday here already, not that anyone waits for Friday ...

Happy Thanksgiving Mike, in the truest sense of the holiday.

Mike we lived in Canada for a little while ten years ago and had the good fortune to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with two welcoming Canadian families. On our way home to Western Australia we stopped off in Oaxaca in Mexico and spent an American Thanksgiving with a group of expatriate Americans. All occasions were a wonderful experience for us. No religion, no gifts, just enjoying a good meal together with loving caring people. We loved it so much we now celebrate Thanksgiving here. The whole family takes it in turns to state what they have been thankful for in the last year. On one memorable occasion our 3 year old grandson said he was thankful for triangles! We also take the time to get a family group picture each year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are very evident here in Perth, the most isolated major city in the world. Happy Thanksgiving to you Mike.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike! I hope you had an enjoyable holiday. This was one of, probably, only two or three Thanksgivings in my 55 years of existence that I have been by myself/not with any family. Am moving to England, from Texas, in a few weeks time to join my British wife. Am looking forward to it, but have been a bit reflective, and even a bit melancholy, as I think of leaving my four children (22yr old daughter and 19yr old triplet sons) behind. All the best to you and your family, all TOP readers, and everyone else in this world. The world is a better place, in my opinion, when we realize that we need each other.

So is William Bradford in that picture?

That must be the Alerton family, can you imagine taking three children on an adventure like that?

its great that Edward Steichen was there to take that picture when those hardy Pilgrims arrived.

I was in London not long ago when I was asked “you Americans don’t celebrate Black Friday, do you?”

I think some of my beer came out through my nose when I chuckled at the question, but it turned out that neither of us knew how it had started, or where it started first.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike! We were lucky to have spent yesterday with both my and my wife’s family and fortunate to have plenty, and good, food to share.

I won’t be shopping at all today... it’s sad to hear that Black Friday has taken over the world, and surely it has clogged my inbox too. Hope you make some money on it though... you deserve it.

@ Casey Bisson the term Black Friday relates to the fact that for many retailers their busiest and most profitable business comes during the run up to xmas beginning the day after (in the US) Thanksgiving. Black Friday signifies the date which begins these retailers to be in the black profit wise, hence Black Friday.

I live a few minutes walk from the Thames in the London borough of Southwark and often walk by a small, easily unnoticed plaque in the Rotherhithe section of Southwark marking the real origin of the famous voyage of the Mayflower. My thanksgiving day gift to Mike who seems to have an affection for things England are these webpages with some interesting info regarding the Mayflower and the religious dissidents who sailed on her. https://www.london-unattached.com/mayflower-pilgrim-fathers-london/ and https://southwarkheritage.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/southwarks-blue-plaque-nominees-2017-the-mayflower-pub/

As I sit at my desk here in Delhi, I close my eyes and try to imagine the state of mind of the Pilgrim Fathers -- their relief and their gratitude.
"The world is a better place, in my opinion, when we realize that we need each other", wrote Mike Potter, above. True. In fact, it might be even be a wee bit more than that, actually, if Andy Weir's famous short story 'The Egg' is anything to go by.
Happy Thanksgiving, Mike.

Happy belated Thanksgiving. Perhaps I should say Happy Black Friday (week, day, month) as it seems to have become a national holiday. Ought to give people the day off from work to prop up the retailers.

Our Thanksgiving meal was at a communal, entire town affair. All the food was donated by the groceries in town (small town pop 6200 or so) volunteers cooked, served the meal. Long tables so everyone could share stories and create more of a family atmosphere. I like the way its done.

So its Black Friday. Nothing of interest on my list. Always tempting to go to Amazon and see the long lists of "deals" but I figure Bezos has enough money for many lifetimes, he does not need my contribution.

We will know ‘the end is here’ when we start greeting each other with “happy Black Friday “ my I pad said that should be initial caps!
But this comment is more about saying happy thanksgiving to you Mike, and all you readers!

Amazon was the carrier of Black Friday to the UK and quite probably to the rest of the world. I had an email from a Dutch store pointing out today was the day too. Bah, humbug.

the first black fridaythe first black friday

full detail here

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Mike. Slipped my mind as we do not celebrate it down in the islands!

Ah, we in Holland were in full black friday fenzy. But that is only fair since AFAIK the legend is that Thanksgiving is modeled after the Pilgrim fathers (and mothers I guess) set sail from Leiden on the Mayflower and witnessed Leiden Ontzet(Leiden liberated) in the process. I bought a Anglebird 64Gb V90 SD card and the mail reply came 12 hours later due to a slight mailserver congestion (sleepless night included). I went to the local Mediamarkt and is was packed to the brim.

Greets, Ed.

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