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Thursday, 08 November 2018


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Hi Mike,

Give roasted rice green tea a try. This long-time coffee lover finds it both more satisfying and more soothing than straight green tea. Called "genmaicha" in Japan, it's fairly easy to find in cosmopolitan groceries, east asian markets, Amazon, etc. and it's relatively inexpensive (it was at first a way for poor people to stretch their tea).

"The mindless Internet is currently on a "Micro 4/3 is dead" kick. Ignore that. Micro 4/3 is not dead"

I don't think it's dead either, but the $2,000 M 4/3 camera is, if not dead, then at least a really hard sell (and getting harder). "Price" is supposed to be one of M 4/3's strong points, and in the last generation or two it often has not been.

Just when you’re taking up Tea the news is full of “Dark Roast coffee reduces risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s “ stories
Personally, I’m holding out for the study that shows the benefits of Ice Cream

Mike, if Typepad is giving you trouble, it is time to start thinking of upgrading to more modern software (almost certainly WordPress). And while you're at it, you're going to have to upgrade to a modern theme, which adapts to phones and so on.

Have you seen your blog loaded on a smartphone? I have tried a few times and I have learned to not even try.

Also, please consider running a Lighthouse audit. It is a tool Google developed for developers to see how their sites work or don't on mobile. https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse/#devtools

"Most photographers do still use SD cards, so the lack of a card slot on computers is inelegant and an inconvenience."

My new-ish HP portable also lacks an SD slot. I an pleased at that. Yes, I do use SD cards. However most are of the UHS II variety, with extra contacts. They increase write speeds on my primary cameras, significantly improving focus bracketing speed, burst rate and length and provide much faster data transfer.

On the road (as for the last six weeks)I may have hundreds of images to download. UHS II read speed is a great convenience. I would be using a reader anyway.

That is, I would if there were a USB 3.0 connection. Howsomever, like Apple portables I've seen, the HP is very thin, and it's only at the very back that it's thick enough to accommodate something that large.

I'm pleased that they chose to use that limited space for one USB 3.0 socket and two USB-C sockets, rather than one less of those and an SD card slot that I wouldn't use. I could, of course, connect my small UHS II reader via a USB-C socket, but that would require a UHS-C to USB 3.0 dongle.

With Apple, too, it may be a case of competition for physical space on the device that determines what connections are provided.

BTW, the UHS III spec is out, and cards are starting to appear. A UHS II socket would be obsolete before the computer is.

This video, showing how to replace late 2018 Mac Mini RAM must be fake news, 'cause all the experts have told us this isn't possible 8-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=2UrSLnnMyeg

Way back in the 1960s Big Red told me the best doesn't cost any more—you just make payments for a longer time. Still true today.

I don’t know where this would fit as a comment but I highly recommend reading the article ‘Afterimage’ in the Nov 12, 2018 New Yorker magazine. I found it truly scary!

Bill Lewis

Don't go cold turkey. Have a cup of good coffee in the morning, switch to tea for the rest of the day. And you don't need 12 oz of coffee. You drink coffee for the taste, not to hydrate.

Just get the Olympus 17mm f1.8. It has exactly what you want: bigger, heavier, faster AF. Or look at the Sigma 19mm f2.8. It is also bigger, heavier, and faster AF. Most of the time f2.8 is just fine. No shortage of m4/3 lens choices.

I don't know if Micro 4/3 is really dead but baby boomers can remember that in the 60's, we wore bell bottom pants.

When I see old photos that show how people looked wearing them, many of us are still thankful that they are gone and wish never to see them again.

I don’t know how time consuming tweeting is but if you tweeted whenever you updated comments (maybe only if there were a lot) then people could get an alert via IFTTT as I do now with your tweets for articles. Sadly Wordpress does not allow us to detect new updates to comment posts directly. I have thought you may be able to “refresh” your article when you add comments and then it would be detected as a new article with IFTTT. I don’t know enough to describe the best way to get alerts to readers but maybe someone else does?

>>I was going to offer to send over some real tea from old Blighty to some importers at the docks in Boston ... Then I just thought maybe not a good idea...too taxing.<<

Harboring such a thought is revolutionary.

Thanks Bill Lewis for reminding me to read the Afterimage article.

What I find interesting is that convincing synthetic images and videos are made easier by the banality of Ad-Am photography. Having seen photos that look a certain way, we start taking them that way ourselves, and the regularity of these photos makes it easier for networks to synthesize pictures that look “right” to us.

As this technology rolls-down-hill from Hollywood to Ad-Ams it will be fascinating, or maybe appalling, to watch the results.

Same yellow as in "Mr. Blandings Builds HIs Dream House"?

Regarding the TOP on phones comment by @James. I think we’ve seen this complaint before but I have just checked again and TOP is perfect on my iPhone 7+ — just double tap the text and it fills the screen 😉 same as on iPad. These damned adaptive websites can be a nuisance as they decree what you see and also are confusingly unfamiliar if you use both I iDevices and desktops 😡.

Clearly I’m not as smart (or healthily cynical) as you, for I had no clue that Apple might abandon Aperture. It’s not always I love Apple. (Fortunately I never got further than Photoshop anyway.)

I miss Appleworks/Clarisworks. It was a nifty and simple little program which could do a lot. And for years I hoped it might develop into a good office app. Though I hear Pages and Keynote are powerful.

I am using my iPad Pro 20 times more than I use my Mac these days. It’s wonderful for living room use, I have a floor stand and just swing it in over my lap and put the external keyboard in my lap. The screen and text sizes are easier on my eyes than a desktop monitor.

When I see a full-frame camera and 24-70 zoom that only weigh a pound I'll start believing micro 4/3 might be in trouble. As nice as the big stuff is it's too heavy for long-distance hiking and bicycling.

I have to disagree with the Mac Mini 'needing' an SD car slot - I've never taken my SD cards out of the camera; I use the USB cable to offload images from the camera to computer....

consequently, I never have to worry about whether or no there's a card in the camera, either....

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