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Thursday, 11 October 2018


I've never been interested in FF cameras until now. This camera really intrigues me.

It's a possible game changer.

Nice to hear that ...


I cant believe that Zeiss is showing a camera with the front element's edges un-blackened like that. Shades of the Carl Zeiss Super-Q*-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33

*Q stands for Quatsch

The whole thing hinges on Ultimate Image Quality.
If it has it, I'm interested.
If not, I'll pass.

I do use Sigma DP1,2 and 3 Merrills even with their slow write times and Sigma software. The Image Quality is the reason.

Hope the Zeiss has the magic assocoated with their rich history.

Thanks for the update, Mike.

Any word on whether Capture One will support the Zeiss ZX1?


I really want this. Not only the connectivity but the Deiter Rams/Braun-like simplicity of the design. If only there was the slightest possibility that it could be in any way affordable...

This is certainly an interesting camera. And, as most of us already suspect, it won’t be cheap. I’m guessing well north of the Sony RX1R. But has anyone checked out the dimensions? It’s a sizable piece - quite a bit larger than Sony’s A7 series. That’ll work well for some people but be a deal-breaker for others.

I was under the impression that the built in the camera lightroom editing tools worked without a subscription as long as you avoid using the lightroom cloud services for which you do need a subscription. That’s what the Z1 Zeiss site says under edit.

Can you use the Lightroom features in camera if you don’t have an account? Or does it only work if you have an account. I would think having the editing feature offline and without an account, but only on the back of the camera would be a selling feature.

Somehow, looking at it makes me think of a German Panzer VIII Maus tank.

I really want to like this, but I can't believe how big it is! It's the same size at the "medium format" Hasselblad! Really nice looking though. Just wish it were shorter.

I think this body, with its angled bulge, is positively ugly, Contra Barry Reid above, I think Dieter Rams would have been ashamed of it.

It is an interesting concept, but Kirk has a rather hefty opinion on this camera: https://visualsciencelab.blogspot.com/2018/10/i-laughed-my-ass-off-when-i-saw-camera.html

If only the lens were a Biogon ... I’ll pass. (Sarcasm on)

Hefty is not quite how I read Kirk's "review"

The previous Android-powered camera, Samsung Galaxy NX, was a massive failure and it had interchangeable lenses. This one has fixed lens, is huge and probably the ugliest digital camera ever made. Its only hope is the magic of Z-word.

You'd think there's a backlash against small cameras like the micro 4/3 or the Sony or something ;-) For that size and money, get a used X1D and the IQ would be much better, Zeiss magic dust notwithstanding, IMHO.

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