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Sunday, 28 October 2018


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http://www.unphotographable.com/ is a whole site of these missed - or just imagined - photos. A kind of anti-photoblog.

Washington Irving was also our minister to Spain and wrote Tales of the Alhambra, which is very interesting. How cool is it to live in one of the world's great works of architecture and art?

Such moments of grace that fall your way do not need to be photographed. The important thing is the recognition of that grace. But if you do get to make the photograph, that's good too.

Mike, some shots are best not shot, but left as beautiful memories.

Get them down on whichever medium, and the flaws come to life the minute you clap eyes of the things; others may not pick 'em up, but you will.

I base this on a personal record of never feeling happy enough with anything I've shot. It makes me think HC-B might have been putting on the greatest scam in photographic history: the concept of the decisive moment.

Further to Rich: The never-never land... Peter Pan.

The things I remember - but those I forget are often more important.


I’m don’t think my reaction is unique.

My experiences like that one with the riders sometimes inspire ideas in me that I sooner or later come to again or deliberately go after. The interval can be years or decades, but the good stuff sticks in the mind.

The subsequent opportunities can be better than the first. And it seems that a lot of my involvement in photography has been tracking down or laying in wait for stuff I should have gotten right off but didn’t.

Wonderful post. No photo required.

Washington Irving's stomping grounds are where I take my weekend hikes in Rockefeller State Park.


I have to agree with David Brown's comment. The descriptions of the waterfall, the horses' hooves, the girls, the dog striving to keep up, are far better than what I would have discerned from a still photo.

Oh man, do I resonate with this. I have an interior slideshow of lovely epiphanic (is that a word?) moments that for whatever reason I couldn't record with a camera. It's like a great gallery with the one drawback that I can't share it with anyone. I think most photographers must have something like this.

Although I should say, your written description of this moment was art in another medium.

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