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Saturday, 27 October 2018


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"Video not available"

So are you frustrated by not being able to access the video or by being able to see something I can't see?

Totally OT, but, be sure to get this minth’s (Nov.) issue of Road & Track. They have an article about Miatas and Watkins Glen that you will love.

Time to test the weather-sealing? On you? Butters? The camera? Or maybe not.

Wonderful! Certainly put a smile on my face.

I saw it. Rain!

That's it? I had my hopes of for a Butters video.

Is this the traditional canine "I want to go out" (opens door) "Wait, you expect me to go out in THIS?".

Our dog would go out if the snow was deeper than he was tall, but when it was raining he was never that fussed.

I was thinking that you had gone completely meta and that the absence of content was the content, sort of a 4′33″ thing.https://youtu.be/gN2zcLBr_VM

Please visit California,many amazing subjects to photograph, we need the rain.

You need to fly to rural New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria - and hire say, a Fuji GR to try out - right now. The drought is becoming serious.

Please tell me you’re going to start making Youtube videos! Or at least podcasting.

Bad weather often makes for good pictures!

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the above post, but I thou would like to see it:



A few drops of rain on your lens might yield some interesting results.

Todd Hido:

Nine times out of ten, it rains after I wash my car.

Uta Barth spent 14 years photographing only inside her home leading to a MacArthur prize https://www.macfound.org/fellows/859/. Carpe diem!

More Uta Barth http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/artists/uta-barth/series-photography/11

Hey, Roger, give Mike an extension.

The Uta Barth photo of the white arm clasping the drapery is really something. It can be found in Eric’s first link above (51 second mark).

I photograph mundane objects around the house too. Lately I do this when I visit my older brothers house in the middle of the day when no one’s home. It’s fun to have some new ground to work. My brother’s house is near the hospital so I go there to hang out for a few hours after dropping a friend off for physical therapy.

It’s interesting what you can find in everyday places. This year after a move to a new home I learned that very early in the morning in early summer, the sun shines through a neighbor’s carport and hits the back of a fan in my living room to create amazing patterns.

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