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Thursday, 04 October 2018


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Mike without investigating this artists work any further than the small lead cover photos on the main page? This came to mind.

How hard do many of us search for photos? Often the answer is plenty hard. We plan trips to the seas, lakes and hills. Travel maybe to a location a few towns away or in some cases a continent away. Nothing wrong with this at all if one has the time and means.

When I see a beautiful photo of what appears to be bark that could be taken even with modest equipment in any park or maybe backyard I also see a photographer/artist that does not need to travel far to both create and entertain.

(makes note to myself)

Do you read photography books (books of photographs, not books about photography) under special lighting conditions? I see you are holding the book by a window presumably for the light.

When I make a print I always take it downstairs to a room with lots of diffuse natural light to view and evaluate. I've never thought about where I am when I'm reading a photo-book.

[I don't read it there. I was just holding it there to take a picture of it. I do have good lighting where I look at photobooks. --Mike]

I love Merg Ross's book. His experiences as a young man/photographer will amaze you! The photographs are wonderful.

Additionally, although I have never met him in person, I have interacted with him quite a bit over the years on the Large Format Photography Forum. He is always quick with advice or a helpful comment. He seems to be a truly nice guy. And one heck of a photographer.

Mike, I will take a book recommendation any day of the week, and I did look at the book, and very much look forward to receiving it soon, but remember these books sales of the days of yore (or should that be lore)? Any surprises up whatever sleeves you have?

[Hi Lenya, I do have some things in the works. --Mike]

Hi Mike,
I ordered my copy yesterday. I love Merg's stories on LFF, and his photographs too.

Mike, thanks for the mention! Merg is a great guy and his story is a fun and informative read. We were thrilled to be able to help him with his project.

I saw those two photos on facing pages and on the strength of that I bought the book.

David, you won't regret it.

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