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Saturday, 20 October 2018


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Great read! Hope there is a new Kidd title soon. Will preorder the latest Prey novel soon.

Been reading John for the last couple of years since I "discovered" him on this very site. I'm in the middle of one right now We could use a few new Virgil Flowers if John is reading this.


Mike, reading the book now. A little different topic but still very good. As always it is hard to put down. Recommend it to your readers. Eric

I read all John's books. I even read John'a TOP posts! I do wait until the Kindle prices go down, though. GRIN

I'm waiting for YOUR books ... I wonder if they'll be available in India.

I'm hooked on his Prey series :-)

Wish that I could read the article, but the outlet requires me to agree to invite its tender attentions a little too frequently...

That said, congrats to John, and more power to his elbow - and nib!


We have John writing with Lucas Davenport & Co in Minnesota. CJ Box with Game Warden Joe Pickett in Wyoming. Just waiting for a good one to hit Montana and the Dakotas.
Ever do a follow up on the guy who bought John's Leica? Maybe contact him and see if using it channels Virgil Flowers into some fine images?

Congratulations on hitting another homer, John! Wow, very impressive. We’re heading to the middle of the Pacific for three weeks and I think Chris (wife) is planning to bring Virgil. (I’m not jealous.)

"We have John writing with Lucas Davenport & Co in Minnesota. CJ Box with Game Warden Joe Pickett in Wyoming. Just waiting for a good one to hit Montana and the Dakotas."

You also have Sheriff Walt Longmire in Absaroka County Wyoming. Now those are highly regarded and also fun reads.

The combinaton of online bookstores, digital books, and a good read is draining my bank account.

Yes, I just purchased Holy Goast at the Nook store.

I haven’t seen a Kidd title in a while. I liked them too. You want to tell John.

On my kindle the reference to the online photographer occurs on the last page of chapter 17

It has been my fond hope that someday Netflix will produce a series based on John’s books, much as it did Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch mysteries. I realize television is not held in high repute in these parts, but watching commercial-free, on demand, when the acting and production values are up where they should be has restored my faith in the medium. Even series which originally were produced to fit the commercial break format - when done right - can flow seamlessly with the breaks removed. All this was revealed with streaming “Justified”, a series based on an Elmore Leonard short story. It quickly became an addiction. In fact, every time this thought wanders through my mind I can’t help but cast Timothy Olyphant as Virgil Flowers. Or Lucas Davenport. Yes, we might have to adjust to the lack of long, surfer style blonde hair in the case of Virgil,but Olyphant’s attitude and overall style shown in “Justified” could fit either. Too bad I’m not in charge of such things: Here, have a few million, John. We like your work.

He cranks out 400 page novels like hot cakes. His formula is magic. Just plug in variables. Not saying this is bad, I'v read one of his books, and more power to 'em.

I first read John because of your blog when “Saturn Run” was published. It was a fine science fiction story and I thought, “this guy is a pretty good writer.” Since then I’ve read everything John has written and consider him to be my favorite mystery writer, right up there with Dashiell Hammett and Elmore Leonard. I love his characters and dialogue, enjoy the photo references that always appear, and his plots never disappoint. (Well, I was a little disappointed when he bumped off the lady assassin, but that’s a different issue. I just really enjoyed that beautifully complex character.)

So now I wait for each new book from him. I’m something like number 450 on the digital library’s waiting list for this one.

And how could I not like the work of a guy who also shoots with Panasonic GX8s?

I haven't read any of John's novels before...if only I knew where to start. Well, yea, I could start from the beginning, but I was sorta thinking of starting with one of the most interesting.

It would be hard to pick one that is "the most interesting", I started in the middle of the Prey series....and they stand alone very well, but do connect at times in the minor details. Each one has a unique twist that makes it "my favorite" when I'm reading it.

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