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Friday, 05 October 2018


"Buckle Road" is a lovely picture - well done!

Wonderful photo, Mike... and showing a sumptious use of 3x4, to boot! Enjoy the weekend.

Gee, I really like the light in this picture!!

[It was very dark when I took it, but making it look accurate just makes it look muddy. It was raining and the fog was rolling around the hills. I learned something new...the white lines at the edges of two-lane country roads are called "fog lines" and they're for helping you stay on the road in a thick fog! I like 'em, they do help me. But I never knew what they were called before. --Mike]

Great photo

Well,Monday is a holiday too...so go for it...🤡

Excellent photograph!! Rule of thirds, down to a T :-)

Bike Route-

Nice shot, Mike. And it makes me nostalgic for my home countryside, too.

Fog lines: yes! And fog lights are for illuminating the fog lines -- not magically cutting through the fog.

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