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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


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And suddenly, I'm lost in cameraworld and no longer have a clue what is what. It's good for creativity to get lost sometimes I guess...

Huh. Lots of "future" cameras being announced today.

There are some folks in Denmark with knitted brows tonight.

This baby instantly makes me think of my Pentax 67 11 that was very well constructed, but had awful shutter bounce. As I never used it handheld, I don't know if the mirror bounce was as bad, too, because it was always up and out of the way; together, they must have been amazingly interesting... a dance of the giants.

Mirrorless certainly seems a great step forward for larger formats, but as I have not been disappointed with my slr cameras from the advent of the Nikon F, the appeal isn't entirely obvious for me with small formats such as 135.

Evidently Fuji decided to pony up for C1 support- I suspect they weren’t moving many cameras (to pros) without it.

Actually, the GFX50S exceeded Fujifilm's sale goals (to Fuji's surprise), but to Olly's point, yes, I think Fujifilm ponied up some big bucks to Phase One for Fujifilm MF support.

Hey, whatever it takes, and good on Fujifilm for that!

I like that Fujifilm is really looking out for it's customers.

Styling looks kinda like a Nikon n8080S on digital steroids! I wonder what folks will do with files that size? Weep over the cost of a computer that can process them?

The 100 MP GFX has actually been discussed ever since the 50MP version. The question has been whether it or the eventual 100 MP X1D (or X2D), also discussed, emerges first. Wild times.

Well we have gone from contemplating the ethics of the sale of a photographic print to contemplating dropping 19K on a camera. Just sayin

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