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Friday, 28 September 2018


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I wonder how long it will be before the Zeiss ZX1 can be bought at a substantial discount on closeout?

For what it’s worth, I bought the DXO camera back when it first came out, a few years ago, and it was a disaster. It worked for maybe fifteen minutes or so, then froze up completely. I reset it and it immediately froze again. Tried a third time with the same results, so I sent it back. Additionally, I found it extremely awkward to use, for the few minutes it actually functioned. So caveat emptor.

The DXO One is actually mildly interesting, except that the software coders at Apple really have done some wizardry work to make something like the DXO One less appealing.

The DxO One Bankrupted the company, and you are not likely to get very good support. I'd be wary

Michael Perini says: "The DxO One Bankrupted the company..." Is there evidence for this statement?

DxO had been successfully making fine software for for a long time.
They used the lens data collected in making that software to launch DxO Mark. They then went into the camera business which is very expensive to do.
They spun off Dxo Mark most likely to raise some capital.
The product , DxO One failed, they are not following it up with another.
They filed for Bankruptcy protection and are reorganizing back to a software company (which I hope succeeds because I use the software)

The Bankruptcy protection and reorganization was public, you can easily look it up. A failed product costs a lot of money. Since they are now out of the camera business, that entire investment has to be written off.
So, based on that I made the statement I made, which I think is a pretty fair approximation of what happened.

The similar Sony QX10 and QX100 from about five years ago failed with this phone attachment approach. No surprise to see DxO One also not succeed.

DxO is out of receivership (French similar to chapter 11) and is back to being a purely software company. I can’t read French so I haven’t found a good link to put up here. Their RAW software is superior and worth looking at. Also, they recently acquired NIk from Google and as a first step are enabling for modern software environments.

Er...what does one do when the phone starts ringing just as you're about to record that once-in-a-lifetime 'decisive moment'? ;)
Me, I abhor smartphones, preferring to use an inexpensive Blackberry knock-off for texting and phone calls. I usually have my trusty RX100 with me whenever I go out, and most photography enthusiasts well know the quality of images that tiny camera is capable of producing in 'good light' (read 'India', as in my case) and even in low light if one knows what one's doing.
~ Subroto Mukerji, Delhi, India

I'm tempted, but wonder about how long the app will remain functional now that the it's (presumably) no longer being maintained...

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