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Monday, 03 September 2018


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My updates plans came to a screeching halt once Panasonic announced it's FF mirrorless. The GH5 is everything I need however if I could get a FF GH5 that's what I would jump to.

Thing is, it is still twice as expensive as D3500 and about 200g heavier. Just sayin'.

Cole Porter summed it up: "You like potato, I like potahto."

What happens to the ones that don't sell?

Nice camera, and I am tempted, although I have not used my X-E1 much recently. The film cameras just speak louder when I want to go out photographing. Now if Fujifilm would offer a monochrome sensor camera, I'd jump on it in a minute. Please, Fujifilm, just go do it.

Very tempting, but I already have a full M43 system. By the way, I hope Olympus does not succumb to the FF (marketing) craziness. I don't think M43 is limited in any way, only the photographers are limited.

"But now you have me thinking about upgrading my lovely wife's X-T1 body. Thanks! I think."

That's a bit extreme! Cameras are all very well, but I'd be inclined to leave the wife in peace...

It's a very stylish-looking camera and I'm aware that Fuji digital cameras are very well regarded.

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