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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


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Who is providing the sensor?

Just wonderful! I can start the paperwork for my 2nd mortgage.

And here I was, thinking the megapixel race had finally ended. Guess not. (Sigh)

The S3 is actually the fourth Leica S mount camera.

First the Leica S2, then the Leica S (Typ 006), and the Leica S (Typ 007) so the S3 is the fourth.

Of course there was a Leica S1 but that was something else entirely https://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/newsLetter/Leica-S1.jsp otherwise the S3 would be the fifth.

It reminds me of how Sony used to increment their consumer electronics model numbers backwards so that last years TV set had a higher model number than this years and the salesmen at electronics stores would insist the the higher model number was better because it was higher.

The only Leica camera I currently own is a OLIGO.

If one counts the S1 digital back, then the S3 is actually the 5th named S, after the subsequent S2, S006 and S007.

I guess Leica waited a bit until they could get a sensor that kept the DR of 15 and added ISO and resolution. Almost too long.
I have heard that if you have any chance of seeing a difference in a print, one would need to double the resolution and this is pretty close to double the S(007).

I was doing enlargements of 5 feet by 7.5 feet with the original sensor resolution, so while Leica needed higher resolution for marketing purposes, not sure I need to pay for higher resolution until digital printers go beyond a width of 64".
Nice that for 4K video they now will use the full sensor rather than a crop. Didn't use my S(007) for 4K video for that reason, but not sure it is enough to promote an upgrade. But I said I didn't need to upgrade from the S2 to the S(006) and still I got to the S(007). The DR of 15 convinced me then. Who knows my rationale next time.

Another small correction: the current S-007 is rated at 3.5 fps, so 3 fps is not an improvement of that specification, although the new camera is processing a lot more data, and both cameras are faster than any competing medium format still camera.

Isn't it true that the number 4 is considered very bad luck in Japan. As bad as, if not worse than our 13 (which adds up to 4). Therefore there are very few if any EM-1 IVs in our future.

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