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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


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Interesting that Olympus is not involved. I’d hate to see another old line camera company exit the business. Survival seems a near thing in a hyper competitive market.

I think they're the best-looking of the current generation of FF cameras, and they certainly touch all the bases: dual IS, two card slots, great available lens set (although those Leica lenses are way expensive) and a choice of two sensors, one emphasizing speed and the other resolution. Although the FF GAS is building, I see that Leica/Panasonic is also offering a Leica DG f1.7 10-25 wide-angle zoom for m4/3. That's seriously tempting, but I bet it'll be a beast...

Well, it seems that Sigma has indeed confirmed there will be a Foveon-FF camera.


Kazuto Yamaki confirms Sigma is going to make a full frame L-mount camera with Foveon sensor, according to the new L Rumors site....

The Leica L-mount seems to have grown since last week. Friday it was 48.8 mm
Leica L 20 mm APS-C and 35 mm 48.8 mm Bayonet Still (Digital) Leica L mount (Autofocus MILC) series

Now it's up to a more respectable 51.6 mm. Not sure how that happened.

Mr. Yamaki has made some great decisions at Sigma since taking over for his Father, the focus on quality lenses has remade the company.
His weak spot seems to be anything to do with Foveon.
In my opinion, the smartest thing he could do about that is to give 24% of all things Foveon to both Panasonic & Leica in exchange for sensor development help. The two sets of deep pockets could bring that sensor to true commercial viability.
Sigma has 2 strikes when it comes to sensor/ camera design and the worst thing they could do is bring out a version of the sensor that has the same problems as all past Foveon sensors..
The marvelous image quality alone, is not enough to succeed as a commercial product.
Panasonic & Leica could surely help with that, and ownership interest would be a strong motivator.
I really wish them well.

It's a nice detail to see the (Leitz) red dot in the L mount logo. It does make me think that the L mount will remain a pana-leica affair.

The only thing that will make me have an FF camera is when there is one with a Foveon sensor, even if I have to use it on a tripod at ISO 50-100. I have a Dp2 Merrill and its images are simply beautiful. Anyway, my main system will continue being M43.

A camera with a full-frame Foveon sensor could end up being the truly affordable "medium format" that Fuji seems to be chasing.

Channeling the estimable Homer Simpson: Mmmmmmm, full frame Foveon...

I hope it's the drool-worthy Merrill, not the compromised Quattro, version.

Oh A red dot with white logo. Looks vaguely familiar. Mattel? Beats? Texaco? Hoover? Coca Cola? Manfrotto? Pintrest? Lucky Goldstar? Hmm


Full-frame Foveon? Leica, Sigma & Panasonic as partners? Nikon and Canon with new mirrorless lens mounts? My head is spinning!

Strange days here in camera-town. Strange days, indeed.

There are some spectacular new cameras coming out. Wow, my head is spinning. However, I'm a bit bothered by the size of some of these new full frame cameras. While on a business trip to Washington, I stopped at the Leica store and checked out the SL. Fantastic technical achievement, but it's huge and heavy. I might rent one, but certainly would not own one myself. That's a real pity.

A video about he new Panasonic FF has appeared on the BBC news website top stories section!

There are two measurements that can confuse anyone - inner diameter and throat diameter. It is rather well described here: https://photographylife.com/what-is-lens-mount

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