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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


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Wasn’t the Texas Leica (also) 6x9?

[I can't remember all the various flavors off the top of my head. I think there were two different formats and two different lenses, but I don't recall specifics. --Mike]

A big feature is the 4x3 aspect ratio sensor. So much more natural than the 3x2 on APS-C and FF to my eye.

I currently have a call into my physician to determine if I really do need two kidneys.......

Also you didn't mention the 50mm F3.5 "pancake" lens for this camera which will be available in 2019. That should make this even more interesting if still not affordable. I guess that's roughly the equivalent of a 40mm F2 in 35mm.

Fuji made 6x4.5, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x8 rangefinders. I think the latter was their dosmetic market. I bought one second hand -nice!

A small lottery win to fund one of these would be proof that I'm living a virtuous life.

Beautiful? Yes! Remarkable? Yes! Compact? Yes!

Affordable? It is beautiful...

Problem is the X-Pro2 is crippled by not having Focus Bracketing - a feature added to the X-T2 via firmware update.
Fuji expects those using the X-pro2 to hand hold everything? Not hardly. Why should one be forced into another body, one not comfortable for us as the X-Pro bodies to get a feature like this?
For me it is simple: Nikon is the answer - if Fuji does not update the X-Pro2.

Love this one. If I go to have a larger system, together with my current MFT, this "rangefinder style" Fuji will be it, with a couple of lenses, no more. I'll skip FF altogether. This is just wishful thinking though, I have not cash for it.

With my old and new Fuji rangefinder cameras-

Good fun. But I really do wonder what the target market for these cameras is. In my travels I see nothing but phone cameras (overwhelmingly) and DSLRs, usually with kit zooms. I've not yet seen anyone schlepping a GFX50S or an X1D or even a Pentax 645. I've also never seen a wedding photographer using anything but DSLRs.

So who's the market for these expensive cameras? Old retired men?

Still have two Mamiya 6 bodies and all three lenses. Haven't used them in a decade but too special to sell. This is the first temptation.

The nice thing about the Texas Leica was that it WAS available with two bodies, 690 and 670, my guess is that the 670 came later but what do I know?

I had (have?) the 690 and three lenses in the hard-side never-ready case, with the thin S&M strap.

Great lenses, and a good enough body, I think I may still own it, not sure. 65mm 105 and 180 (the 150 would have made more sense) The 65 would cover 4x5 of course (why design a new lens optimized for the smaller format?) they had the lens in production. Fuji made very nice view camera lenses.

Oh, I thought this would really replace my Nikon and Leicas and give fabulous IQ. I would be able to pixel-peep before pixels were invented! Well actually there was pixellation but it involved Pixies, not pixels.

The new Fujifilm GFX 50R looks wonderful; it is only perhaps slightly smaller (161 x 97 x 66mm vs. 159 x 112 x 66mm) and definitely lighter (775g vs. 920g) than my all-time favorite camera, the Mamiya 7--in fact, it’s only a few ounces heavier than my Sony A7R III.
However, I’m getting on quite well with the more compact and even lighter Sony, along with some really excellent wide and short tele Zeiss lenses (the 25/2.4 Loxia is my favorite, and it approximates my most-used lens for the Mamiya,) and I’d need a house with more wall space if I wanted to deploy the Fuji to make larger prints than the Sony can creditably produce. FWIW, I can already make prints from the Sony that I like as much as those that I have from my beloved but sadly-departed benchmark; I don’t need more.

I bought one of those Texas Leicas last year and also have the Fuji 645. Both are fun cameras, and as you say, the 6x7 is huge. I almost feel self-conscious carrying the thing around.

Lately, I'm tempted by the Leica Monochrom 246 as I enjoy shooting B&W, and the resolution is amazing without the color filter. I may shift gears and put the money into this larger format, which would still be an incredible B&W shooter.

We're spoiled with too many great choices right now.

Hi Mike,
a general observation / query, after the deluge of press releases & announcements. Is it me or is it weird that there is so much hot air (discussion etc) about so much hot air (announcements) - with few if any bodies or lenses in customers hands? Not a reflection on your good self, of course.

I think Brian (above) has it right, as does Tom Hogan...not seeing the point of this MF really, given that the Sony A7R3, Nikon Z7 and Canon 50R are close enough in image quality for all practical purposes, and significantly cheaper - especially considering the total "system" i.e. body plus lenses.

Check out polite way DP Review panned this camera.

Just looking at it, my ever present GASitis makes me say, "I want one."

However the list of things I must give up to buy one is long and includes a second vehicle and a first (and last) wife.

Far too costly-- I love that truck.

I've been at 20 cm from a GXF just an hour ago and I felt all the GAS-responsible organs of my body in full activity. Nevertheless, FF and small MF sensor sizes are too close for having the aesthetic impact the jump from 24x36 to real MF had in film times, aren't they?

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