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Saturday, 22 September 2018


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Hi Peter! What a great city to walk around with a camera.

Peter Turnley: a bang up-to-date outworking of the sentiments in my Comment on the 'The Biggest (Smallest?) Reason to Go Micro 4/3' Thread.

Whatever system and camera you use, enjoy it and make great pictures.

Mind you, some Cafe Society in Paris is always a welcome extra help. ;-)

I just signed up for Peter's NYC workshop in June '19. Really looking forward to the experience. Just started the One Camera/One Lens/One Year project to prepare for the workshop (X-Pro 2, 23mm f/2 "Fujicron" Acros film sim).

Peter Turnley's very recent photograph "At the office" is a stunning example of almost Wellesian focal depth. Maybe this could trigger a modest retreat from the bokeh obesession which has gripped many of us for so long. Beautiful.

Hey Mike, I’ve mentioned this before but I think you and Peter should collaborate on a PT/TOP Cuba Workshop. With only 7 spots for these workshops, you’d likely have all TOP photographers sign-up. I attended one of Peter’s Cuba workshops in 2014, and as Maggie already mentioned, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. The attendees would love rubbing elbows with both of you...and I’m certain you’d have a wonderful time.

I would sell off half my guitars to do a seven-person TOP workshop.

Oh hi!

Hi. I have two photos of Paris, both in rain, hanging on my living room wall. Beautiful.

I would absolutely love to know how Peter is getting away with photographing people in Paris, given the Article 9, rights of the image and now the GDP.

For example the first shot- is there a model release signed by everyone in the shot? They can at some point withdraw the consent.

I was in Paris for the first time last December, and I had to NOT take street photos with people once I read the rules.

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