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Saturday, 18 August 2018


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Not really OT as this fits with all those recent suggestions here about the limitations of your equipment being one of the routes to creativity — Chris Melling says he is forced into playing certain shots because he’s only 5ft7in and so sometimes easier shots are out of reach :-)

It's an amazing thing watching someone do something that is miles above what you're capable of, whether it's billiard shots, pro rally driving, writing best sellers, etc. You kind of accept it, you get used to it. But it's depressing thinking that there are probably people who are that much better at sex than you, isn't it?

As a non-fan (though I was pretty good at Billiards as a youngster), I agree, pretty damn amazing.

Thanks, Mike. Amazing indeed! I've decided it's finally time to put my custom, two-piece pool cue up for sale on eBay. (I'll probably apply the proceeds to the new world-class mirror-less entry that Nikon's about to introduce).


That is amazing. I like how Mika had the best seat in the house for the swerve shot and gave absolutely no reaction. The language of this post sent me to Wikipedia’s glossary of cue sports terms where I learned that Chris was most definitely not “on the lemonade”.

Gorgeous massé shot.

Someone once said to me that they believed the best film and photo lighting people come from a pool/billiards/snooker background. They knew about angles and bouncing light almost instinctively.

So I woke up this Sunday morning and was just really bored with all of that Foto stuff. I decided I would watch the grass grow from outside my living room window, and also observing how fast my second coat of Navajo White was drying. That's called multi-tasking. I decided that I need something more stimulating in my pathetic life, so I checked out Saturdays posting of TOP. I have to admit those were some awesome shots. There are two pool tables in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico (pop. 5000) where I live. I've played on both of them. I'm ready for some Football!

Pocket billiards?


[See what I mean? Ruined. Damned English! --Mike]

Mike said: Oh, yeah, you're complaining! I'm effectively an Internet researcher ...

c.d. says: Always use the right tool for the job. DuckDuckGo doesn't track, store your info or follow you around with ads. I use this with both Safari and Firefox. https://duckduckgo.com I also use Firefox's Private Browsing for 'net-surfing without a trace https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/features/private-browsing/

You may also be interested in Privacy Badger, a free and open-source browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Firefox for Android created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation https://www.eff.org/privacybadger

For encrypted e-mail I use ProtonMail https://protonmail.com

Geometry, trig, and physics, combined with hand-to-eye prowess. Chris Melling is a savant.

Do you know bar billiards Mike - with the wooden pegs, the holes in the slate, the neat little scoreboard?

You were joking about the "pocket billiards", were you not? I hope.

Those morons who want to Brexit are ruining my life here in Spain; no, I don't expect them to weep for me. I weep for them.

Would anybody here walk out on their very best customer base because there MIGHT be a promise of a tinned sardine somewhere else?

You couldn't make it up. But someone did. And the lemings follow.

Great shots , however your observation about pocket billiards and brexit are a bit off mark , pocket billiards is a past time that can only be enjoyed by men. Quoting Monty python “ nudge nudge know what I mean sir” !

I only mind off-topic posts if they suck me in, make me spend time, and I regret the time. And that's obviously half on me, at least.

The pool posts have cost me quite a bit of time, cumulatively, but I don't regret it, so that's okay.

I sometimes regret not having seen enough interesting posts about photography, though. (Not especially badly just at the moment, though.)

Truly amazing. What I don't get about the coverage, though: why in the world did they replay that great shot in fast motion? I kept waiting for the slo-mo replay -- but no! They played it back essentially too fast to follow...

That's just amazing!

Non-Brexit voting Englishman comment: why do Americans call "sport" "sports"? To my ear, it sounds like "sheeps". Sport is its own plural.

The post by Rob Cambell may be his personal opinion, but is also politically biased and has, may I suggest, no place here.

Tell that to Mike, who introduced it


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