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Thursday, 16 August 2018


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We've lost a truly great artist and a great American. We will not see her like again.

Another good remembrance.

"Aretha Franklin passed into glory on August 16, 2018, at the age of 76. Precious Lord, take her hand. She'll do the rest."

Unlike many a singer today who will gleefully torture every syllable of a word into 14 different notes to prove... I don't know what, Aretha sang confident and true. Her voice had a a clarity, a command of what was needed to get you where you were meant to go. The Sixties would have been sorely lacking without that voice.

She's irreplaceable. I grew up with her music and she sang what was in my heart. We will miss you Ms. Franklin.


How odd that I learn of her death on TOP. Every morning I check Google news for "news" and then go to TOP. Never saw a thing about her death on "we-make-news-stories-out-of-what-you-could-just-read-on-twitter-so-that-you-can-be-outraged" Google News until going back and doing a search.

It seem all those singers that I had heard as a child or teenager are suddenly leaving. I started feeling this as something personal after the death of David Bowie. Though I am familiar with and enjoyed Aretha Franklin's, music, somehow her death makes me more appreciative of her talent.

A good day to watch yet one more time the movie "Muscle Shoals" to see that one recording session. My brother probably best said when he mentioned "Who knew white guys could groove like that"?

Yet another music icon gone. Many thinks for all her wonderful songs.

Wow!.............The voice of an angel. Thanks for sharing, Mike. Didn't know that one, but could listen to it a thousand times over.

A great loss of such a unique performer, what a contribution she has made to music. Farewell from the UK

I cried. Not because of her passing away (we all have to go sooner or later), but when I randomly picked one of her albums I got very emotional hearing Dr. Feelgood again. Could as well have happened with so many other of her songs. At such moments you realize that even life does not make any sense, it certainly it’s with living.

Aretha also moved Obama to tears, so I am in good company. Music can do that to me, not only soul music, also classical, jazz, world or rock. Especially at life performances. Many painters, from Vermeer to Rothko can also give me the shivers and move me to tears. Is there anyone who experiences this at the same level with photography?

Watch her commune with the Divine in 2015 at the Kennedy Center Honors for Carol King. Both King and President Obama prove she did.


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