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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


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I can say only one thing after reading this: ;-)

Wonderful. I really enyoyed reading that. About time evryone started taking new cameras less seriously anyway.

So, in regard to naming:

1. The Leica CL is not the Leica CL
2. All Sony FE are E but not all E are FE
3. All Nikon Z are S but not all Nikon-S are Z

Okay then, copy that!

Don’t they say “a day late & a dollar short” ? That’s Nikon! Developed a hand tremor in my right hand, needed stabilization, looked around, switched from a Nikon D750 to a Lumix GX85 w/ 30/60 (whichever) macro and its wonderful. Yes, the image quality is definitely different but it has grown on me. That was last March — now Nikon offers stabilization but no sign of a macro yet. Let’s see how much they leave out of the baby Nikon but I’m happy where I am ...... no GAS yet.

Regardless of what these entries are called, I'm holding out for the next generation -- Z8 IROC.

III stands for Intelligent Imaging Implement.

Or so the Internet thinks.

Thanks for that Mike - you do tongue in cheek so well, but I had a good laugh.

I wonder if they will come up with an APSC version called ZZ-xxx and 1" version called the ZZZ-xxx. Would seem quite appropriate after watching these tedious teasers. I have lost almost any interest I might have had...

You jest, but it's been reported (by Nikon Rumors) that "Handling and ergonomics [of the cameras] are perfect."

Perfect is pretty good, no?

I look forward to Nikon doing something truly innovative - with naming conventions. Let’s see them try using non-standard characters such as ‘!’, or even ‘~’.
Nobody has ever done anything like that before, ever. Just ignore Prince’s period of legal stoush with his record label...

[You've forgotten about the Pentax *Ist and *Ist-D.... --Mike]

Ha the thing you most desire in a camera Mike is in the new Nikon's IBIS!

Is there a single big tech company with good naming conventions??

Would you perchance contribute this piece to theonion.com? :-)
p.s: the i is not capitalised in the Pentax *ist, is it?

...and also Oliver Barrett III.
Flibber T. Gibbett had me ROFL :)

No, I refuse to believe Z7III. How low can Nikon sink?

Hi Mike,
Thanks for assuming that I might have known about the Pentax models, in order to have forgotten them. Unfortunately, being an amateur, my knowledge is not steeped in lore.
Of course, learning of this curiosity from the deep recesses of some marketing committee meant I had to have a quick look at the specs, and it was interesting to see D vs DS discussion articles from some 15 years ago (based on Nikon D100, according to the interwebz). Even seeing the ‘high speed’ winder of 2.5 frames a second for the film version gives one a sense of perspective.


The words "stunning scoop" gave it away for me. You're not one for bombast, so the satire seed was planted early in the article.

Thank you for the video link. Now that was cool!

(Do I have OCD, or am I just obstinate when I retype my screen name and e-mail address into the boxes under the comments box, despite the helpful prompts? I feel like using one of Carol's (Cheryl's) lines from "Archer"; "Don't tell me what to do! You're not my supervisor!")

Ha! Assuming Nikon's R&D department reversed-engineered the Sony A7 and A7II as part of designing their new Z series cameras, then the "III" moniker might be appropriate.

The Z6 / Z7 look like capable units. Definitely competition to Sony's A7 series. Sony has done a good job of making the FF mirrorless interesting; with Nikon onboard it should get more interesting!

[Disclosure: Sony A7R3 owner]

The NSFW part of that lightning strike video is entirely justified.

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