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Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Nice Dnepr outfit. Leading link forks and a disc brake; just the job.
I can also recognise numerous cameras from, say, just a glimpse of pentaprism.

MIke, Here's my two for street photo day just shot an hour ago on my Nikon P100. Love the late afternoon in the town. Just a hazy August day.


I share a love of geometry with HCB

Photo by Gerry O'Brien, taken in Brooklyn's Prospect Park | Canon 5D Mark IV, 28-300mm lens, f/5.6, 1/640, ISO 2,000

Image in comments:

State of Illinois Building, Chicago
August 22, 2018

Henri Cartier-Bresson and Jean DuBuffet, the sculptor of the piece in this image, were contemporaries as well as countrymen. Although HCB didn’t like DuBuffet’s work it can make for an interesting backdrop for late afternoon street images.

Hope everyone enjoyed International Street Photography Day.

Taken today a few hours ago in downtown Pomona, CA. I used a 50mm Summicron on M9.

Image in comments:

Waiting for the Collins St tram, Melbourne, Australia

shot with the Fuji X-t20 and 34mm 1.4 lens

Image in comments: _S231357"

I love Jan’s idea for the holiday. It’s nice to have a reason to see what everyone’s up to here on TOP. The holiday did prompt me to carry my “real” camera as I headed out the door which makes it a success in my book. I took a few shots on my morning walk but nothing I'd classify as street photography.

Paul's shot is really nice.

Not at all a street photo, but taken yesterday, during my unproductive but pleasant walk. I usually don't take car photos but could not resist a record shot of this Buick Wildcat.

Click to embiggen.

TOP is the official way to make Street Photo day a thing.

After all, TOP created Bokeh Day, didn't they?

Not taken yesterday but very recently.

Philly Street by David Comdico

Hello! Greetings from Brazil.

This one was taken in Bogotá, Colombia. By the way, my "Barnack Camera" is the Sony RX100.


What is the purist view of the IIIg, built from 1957-1960? Do the changes to the viewfinder compared to the IIIf disqualify it as a 'Barnack'? I've read somewhere that some IIIgs were made with the M type lens mount, though most I've seen have the Leica thread. So, does it really count as an 'M3 cousin' rather than as a Barnack?

[Well, it's transitional, but more on the Barnack side I'd say. These are just labels, though. Keep in mind "Barnack camera" wasn't something anybody said until a few decades ago. It wasn't a label in use when the cameras were new. --Mike]

Skit Row

I tried, Henri, I really did.
Even went for supper to a McDonald's with that extra room where kiddies can romp and scream, (took out my hearing aids). Some neat stuff going on, but everything needed video clips to appreciate -- unfortunately no "decisive Moment" B&W stills .
Guess I'm getting old -- maybe next year????

Here is my contribution to the day, made in the south garden of the Art Institute of Chicago. I do enjoy attempting to meet challenge of the occasional "assignments" you cast forth.

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