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Wednesday, 29 August 2018


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I’m more interested in an XPro3–one with IBIS and an articulating back viewscreen....I like the XPro2, but those two things would be an improvement.

Saw some comments on a Petapixel article which stated that Fuji photographers are Angry Photographers. Is that the perception? Me, I’m a Happy Photographer when I’m blazing away with my XPro2....

The X-T2 has ALREADY been on a big price cut ($500) for weeks now. How much lower can it go? Im just trying to scare up the cash since I think its a sweet camera with (almost) all the right things in all the right places. Except for that IBIS... ;-)

The value of IBIS to me is not that it counteracts my shakes at what are ‘edge of the envelope’ shutter speeds using non-IBIS cameras, (say 1/15 sec with a 35mm lens on a FF camera) but that it now allows pictures I could not have got any other way. I like to photograph in churches and other interiors where tripods are either banned outright, or very definitely discouraged. Now I find I can get excellent (sharp!) results hand holding my Olympus EM1mkII for exposures of 2 seconds or so. Moving people of course are blurs, but I find that I rather like the effect this produces.

Sorry, Mike, no IBIS in the X-T3.

Most years I'd say that here in Huntington Beach, we were looking at another 365 days of summer. However NOAA is predicting a 70% chance of an El Niño for January, February and March 2019, Maybe we will have a gully-washer or two next year, to interrupt our endless summer 8-0

Although #cameradoesntmatter I loathe faux retro 8-(

Factoid of the day: In Egypt, the ibis (bird) was sacred and associated with Toth, the God of wisdom and writing. Toth was also the patron of educated scribes.

The 3 in XT-3 signifies 3 card slots.Also a new 56 mm lens mount and a new lens roadmap with unheard of image quality will be introdused .The rear LCD will be removable and can control the camera via bluetooth.7 axis IBIS will be able to withstand an earthquake.An all new sensor will combine X-trans tech. with Foveon magic sauce to give unprecedented ISO performance,native 25 ISO,and a blistering 50 fps capability utilizing one of the SD cards for a buffer.I know all of this 'cause I read it on the Internet.

And many more product announcements in zee paiplain: the Photokina (Köln, Germania) takes place on September 26 - 29.
From Mai next year onwards it’ll be an annual event, instead of every other year.

I don't care what other updates Fuji adds to the X-T3, but if it has IBIS, I'll be looking for a good used one in about a year after they hit the market.

The X-T2 is good enough that I'm likely to hang on to it too, which is rare for me. I'm so indecisive that if I own multiple bodies (and lenses), then I'll pack the whole shebang along--just in case.

I end up looking like the photographer in the "Heart of Darkness" movie.

Results in sore shoulders and busted filters-- when lenses collide.


Well when you adjust for perception it has been August for approximately 577 days here in Middle Tennessee. I can't wait to leave this cursed month behind.

Regarding your summer comment, I live in OK and I wish our summers felt like 35 days long.

Hi, Mike,

You have probably seen this. If not, it is interesting.
It is a Nikon engineer talking about the flange-back distance and lens mount inside diameter of the Z-mount.

I am afraid that the internet gods are saying ixnay on the ibisway for the XT3...


Are you not happy with the Panasonic you bought ? or did I miss a chapter in that story.??

Petapixel that paragon of punditry said today: the latest murmuring is that Canon may be unveiling its first of two full-frame mirrorless cameras in about a week, on September 5th, 2018.

Canon Rumors writes that although its trusted sources aren’t aware of any impending mirrorless camera announcement ... https://bit.ly/2BY9SXs

Mike what is your take on this? Should I cancel my Nikon Z6 order? 8-)

I haven't been paying much attention to the Fujifilm cameras but your recent posts made me curious to go look them up. The model line-up is confusing to me at first. It seems that some bodies use an X-Trans sensor, which is what made them different from the Bayer world, but I see that they also have lower priced Bayer-equipped models, but their model naming system doesn't make that explicit. It's doubly confusing because their lens mount is also named X.

Anyhow, I expected their lenses to be really expensive, I don't know why I thought that, but looking at online prices, they're not out of line with other manufacturers.

Man, this is not for ordinary people like me.
I respect!

"I have been a Special Education teacher of adolescents officially classified as "Extremely Emotionally Disturbed & Socially Maladjusted" for close to twenty years, and currently work with adults with developmental disabilities."

I’m visiting in nyc and it’s ludicrously hot here.

For those of you who are interested Affinity has released the Public Beta of Affinity Publisher. Mac OS X only. Here's the link https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/publisher/?utm_source=serifemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Publisher_beta_Launch&mc=PUBBETALAUNCHE01

On the strength of Stan B's endorsement of the Fuji X-T~ as a modern parallel to the venerable Nikon FM3A, I might have to give it a look. Nikon's FM3A was my favorite SLR. I thought it was almost a perfect 35-mm camera.

It won't (have IBIS that is) but paired with the mooted upcoming 16-80 mm f4, which has OIS, you may still be able to have and eat your cake (accepting of course that a 16-80 zoom is not a 23mm pancake).

Maybe (likely) it's me... but... I have a difficult time getting past the Faux Pentaprism hump on Fuji/Olympus/Panasonic/Sony/and now Nikon mirrorless cameras. It doesn't N*E*E*D to be there. It is plainly a M*A*R*K*E*T*I*N*G ploy, to get people who bought SLRs in the 80's and 90's to want to "Digi Up" with a familiar form factor. Fuji T boxes don't make better pictures than the EX-1/2/3 or Pro 1/2 boxes. Same with all the others. Give me back my "Leica Foot", please. The Fake Prism is just... just... dumb.

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