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Friday, 31 August 2018


What's happening with Olympus, which to me, was one of the most innovative imaging companies out there.

Over to you, Kirk Tuck! ; )

I'm waiting for the 45Mp full-frame smartphone, with the optional bluetooth viewfinder/contact lens. Nothing else will do.

It would serve people right if TowerJazz cranked out a 4:3 sensor of 36x27mm. Ridicule our smaller sensors and distract with equivalence arguments at your own risk!

I count 3 already...did you miss Leica?

I thought from your heading, you were going to refer to:

Oh, one more full frame, yawn, yawn....

Grab the popcorn I guess... watching camera makers duking it out at the top end of the market ought to be fun and beneficial for all of us.

That's interesting. Some years ago when I thought full frame was important to me, I was annoyed with Olympus for going with 4/3 because I thought that meant they could never make a full frame camera, full stop.

But now the earth has shaken*, Nikon has introduced a new mount, Panasonic has made the jump to a new mount, so I hope that means Olympus will follow. They've proved they know how to make lenses, so here's their chance to show just how good they could be.

*Literally. I've just spent a month in Bali where we felt at least ten earthquakes, emanating from the sea off Lombok. I survived.

This should of happened ten years ago. I think I'm not far off thinking we have all wanted full frame cameras right from the beginning.

I was hoping the rumor was that Pentax is joining the crowd with a FF mirrorless. Being a Pentaxian takes patience.

In response to Beuler in the UK you can still get the original sony a7 and kit lens for £999 (or less). It might not be Sony's latest and best but it is still a fantastic way to access a full-frame mirrorless system - and particularly fun with vintage lenses mounted on cheap adapters.

Do Olympus and Panasonic share anything other than a lens mount. Just because Panasonic goes FF doesn't mean Olympus will, unless the writing is on the wall for MFT. Maybe it is.

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