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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Fido, our last dog, which we got at the Bird Market in Brussels-

Jemma and I were robbed! Maybe it's her alternative lifestyle?

Jemma And Amelia, September 12, 2017

Been reading the comments. I promise in the future to keep all my comments short and to the point.

Sorry, but I need a cat nap after viewing that portfolio, Then a trip to Tahoe in the mx5 rf for a swim with t' dOg?

YB Hudson III

I was hoping that "Dog Photographers of the Year" was about, you know, dogs taking photographs.




And apparently, wedding photographer dogs are now a thing!



Disclaimer. JIlly is an old friend of mine, and she goes way back with dogs, from showing at Crufts to running a dog 'Pension' on the Riviera.

There seems to be a train of storms traveling North along the Eastern seaboard. Very humid here in the Philly area. Today, sunny spells punctuated by brief downpours. Tropical appearing cloud masses. I see on AccuWeather radar that the Finger Lakes have been under the worst of it. How loud is that little brook by your house?

We could have a Baker's Dozen of 'our best three dog photographs' or something, what say you Mike? Might liven up the show a bit -- bow wow!

Better: "Cats and Dogs" at https://www.behance.net/gallery/68256989/Cats-and-Dogs

Some pics of Huffington dogs I found very moving

Dull images, dogs are such captivating subject how these can be considered interesting is beyond me.

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