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Sunday, 15 July 2018


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Undoubtedly not what you were seeking, but you did ask...

Copa Mundial. A homage to LeRoy Neiman. My TV's rabbit ears sometimes loose the digital signal, so I've taken to photographing the resulting image. Here's one of my favorites.


I didn't attempt to join the places where millions were gathered in Paris.Even the more residential neighbourdhoods people were everywhere after having watched the game in any place that had a TV!

And this was perhaps the news photo of the day https://on.rt.com/9abe

Mike, please don't post results of sporting events (especially Bears-Packers) until well after the event finishes (up to even a day or two). Why? Because you have a world wide viewership, and some of us tape the games to watch at more reasonable hours.

For example, I went to TOP to use the link in order to buy some books from Amazon. But before I could scroll over to hit that link, I saw the headlines congratulating Les Bleus. Kind of spoiled the game for me, which I was planning to watch in the afternoon.


[Very sorry Rube! It did not occur to me that anyone could avoid the news. I didn't mean to spoil it for anyone. --Mike]

Seems that nearly half the world watched the World of Soccer. Don't know of any other sporting event that matches this.


Wow, Mr. Tuck above is a bit sower grapes... just for his info, fans and country support are often a driving force to boost teams. In all sports... if you don't see that, then you are indeed sad.

When Portugal won the European cup in 2016 in France, the Portuguese immigrants in France (counted by millions) were a continuous support for the team.

It was quite the match. The celebrations after were epic, as was the parade the next day. Deux étoiles pour les bleus!!!


And, Paulo, here's why you are absolutely wrong!

[This seems friendly so far, and that was a very interesting article, but let's remember the Comments section is not a forum. It's more like a Letters-to-the-Editor. In my Comment Guidelines I ask that people respond to the original post and not to each other unless they're being helpful:


That's how we keep it civil and polite hereabouts! --Mike the Moderator]

roger that.

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