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Friday, 13 July 2018


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Gotta love a New Yorker wearing a Cubs cap!

I love B&H and their website is easier to order from than Amazon. They are always my first choice when ordering via TOP. Of course for the moment I appreciate zero sales tax.

I really like Izzy's hat!

That’s really nice. I hope the cooperation will be successful for both.

I’m a B&H fan with one caveat: please please use your bully pulpit to get them to use some corner protectors when shipping 17x22 Canson paper. Canson partly to blame for such a lame box in packaging, but they just do not ship well with just those little green air pillows. Returned enough, complained enough, documented all enough but they just don’t seem to get what is required to safely protect a box of pricey paper.

OK with me if you just pass along a note, no public shaming required.

I like that it has a pop-up flash. Could come in handy.

How anyone can be pleasant to clients after commuting for 2 hours is beyond me. My hat's off to him.

>>I've always had good contacts at B&H...<<

I would think Henry Posner, who always was very helpful on the old CompuServe Photoforum (and still is today, albeit in other places on the Internet) is missing from your list.

I'm glad you posted this article on B&H. I've shopped with them since they opened. First in person and now via the internet. Your article jarred my memory that I wanted to bookmark your link to B&H and have neglected to do so. The enjoyment your blog brings makes it a priority read. I'm a little sorry when you take a few days off and am eager to read your latest update when you return!

Interesting trends you are picking up on. Lakewood is even further south in NJ than Trenton, and Trenton is practically in Philadelphia. So B&H's new logistics center is down where the new 50,000 person center of Orthodox Judaism has formed, and no longer over in Brooklyn. And the Brooklyn Navy Yard, like the Presidio in San Francisco, will now be movie studios. When I lived in Westchester Cty, the center of Orthodox life was moving to Rockland County, west of the river (Lee Friedlander country), but I guess it all filled up. But that would have been four hours closer to Penn Yan than where Izzy had to start out from. I hope he at least stayed the night in your area.

[He did, at a Bed and Breakfast, but not the one owned by my friends Laurel and Llew. He needed to book through Expedia, and apparently they're not affiliated with Expedia. --Mike]

Here is my favorite B&H story. I think I may have posted it here maybe 10 years ago, but it's still a great story.....I called a number of years ago to order some photo gear. The fellow who answered the phone had the clipped, somewhat brusque speech pattern that is common among New York's Hassidic Jews. When he asked me for my shipping information and I told him my name, he said, 'Rosenblum! Rosenblum! Are you related to the famous Rabbi Rosenblum?' I thought for a moment and said, 'If I am, do I get a discount?' After perhaps a 10-nanosecond pause he said, 'NO!' followed by a chuckle.

I think we both got a chuckle out of that one.

Thanks to all for your kind words and reflections about B&H Photo, my colleague Izzy, and about me. It is all very flattering and much appreciated. -- Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

Ha this is funny, Izzy and Henry both sit a few aisles away from me.

A few quick notes, I have meet the owner an he is very nice. I was in a big meeting with lots of people and my boss introduced me. You would never know by meeting him that he is the owner, he is very humble.

Yes, B&H left is leaving the Navy Yard but thats because the lease ended. That area is prime real estate and it's hard to find warehouses in NYC anymore. I believe Amazon is in Secaucus NJ.

As for New Yorkers being rude, that is only if you don't follow the rules of the city. For instance not stopping to check your phone at the top of the subway steps. Walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk. Taking more than 2 minutes to order a black coffee. Not having your money ready when you have been in line for 20 minutes. We know who the tourists are and who lives here. The standard rule is not to stop for anyone trying to talk to me, but if you're a tourist and ask us a question we will spend an hour trying to help. If you are from here NYC, well fuhgeddaboudit.

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