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Sunday, 01 July 2018


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I mean it as a compliment when I say you're not the McDonalds of photography blogs. BTW, have you seen "The Founder" (Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc) ? I recommend it.

Congratulations! Over the years you've wormed your way into my heart.

Congrats, Mike!

Congratulations Mike.

If T.O.P. was a country it would rank 20. Just ahead of Thailand. Not bad. Congratulations! Celebrate with a bowl of Pad Thai...

Congratulations , 70 Million !
......even if there are only 70 0f us out here, and we've all checked in a million times.......it's still a lot...

Keep up the great work

Do the stats break out robots? I find they constitute the majority of traffic on my own site.

OK Mike
You guessed correctly
I own up, I am one of the seven.........


Quite a number of those views are mine. This is one of the few photography blogs I visit on a regular basis.

It is always informative and interesting, not just the usual reviews and selling of your ebooks, videos, tutorials etc. That's why this site is so special!


At first, I thought this was one of the "yellow" baker's dozen.

I'm happy to have contributed to the page count, to the tune of at least several thousand. Good work! Keep 'em comin', I'll keep on readin'.

Wasn’t me. I worm my horses twice a year for bot flies?

YB Hudson III

It's a winner either way--either a lot of people like the site or a few of us really, really, really like the site. Congratulations, Mike!

And as good as ever, Mr. Johnston. TOP is still the best place in what used to be called cyberspace. I’m so grateful that you do what you do–it has had a hugely positive effect on me.

That's a shed load of people voting with their mouse - well done Mike!

Congrats!! And your product is way better for my health too!!

A well deserved congratulations, Mike. Not only do your thoughts and words bring much value to your audience, your site provides a forum for your readers to expand upon them as well as give us an array of other opinions to consider. All in all, well done and very much appreciated.

Brings back memories - my parents used to take us to eat at the original McDonald's in San Bernardino, California, before Kroc got involved. The golden arches started and ended at ground level, and extended well above head height. And the burgers were pretty good.

Thanks a lot, Mike, for (in my case) some twelve years of photography (&cetera!) reading - history, technique, art, gear - always at the very least interesting, often inspiring. On the web you are the only photography writer who is absolutely unique :-) . I am glad you are a few years younger than me, so hopefully I can enjoy your pieces untill I am really old.

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