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Thursday, 28 June 2018


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When I came home from my first year in the Army my sister told me that the new family cat liked to be vacuumed.
If anyone ever says to you "hold the cat and I'll get the Hoover" run.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the new thing Mike, Dyson are ceasing production of corded models so you are likely to see prices for these plummet.

“Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner”. Unfortunate name. A friend of mine used the vacuum cleaner to clean out the budgerigar cage — you can guess what happened.

[Horrible deaths for the budgerigars? --Mike]

The day we moved into a house with central vacuum was the day I gratefully lost interested in the self-contained kind. The central vac motor and bag is about four times as big. And the dust that escapes the bag (or the cyclonic action) goes outside. Plus, the racket produced by a self-contained vacuum resulted in our cats having to go into therapy.

But maybe our cat hair is easier to vacuum than your dog hair.

I’ve had two Dyson vacs. Inexplicably both seemed to lose suction power after a relatively short period of time despite being cleaned out well according to instructions. Not to cast aspersions but I thought they cost way too much to be so problematic. I ended up buying a Shark brand upright vac, one of their higher end models, and found the suction to be equal or better to the Dyson and now, several years later, still going strong. Very satisfied with the Shark.

Re: [Horrible deaths for the budgerigars? --Mike]. Fortunately there was only one bird :-( .

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